Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and Crossmark – Researcher Guide

This guide is focused on the Crossmarks and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which are one of the essential elements of a research paper nowadays. This will help you to not only understand these two things but to use them effectively as well.

Digital Object Identifier

DOI is an alphanumeric string to identify an object and it’s persistent link over the internet. Consider it a linker shorter service but primarily used by the Academic Publishers.

The DOI for a document remains fixed over the lifetime of the document, whereas its location and other metadata may change. Referring to an online document by its DOI provides more stable linking than simply using its URL because if its URL changes, the publisher only needs to update the metadata for the DOI to link to the new URL.

DOIs help you:

  • Make your research citable. DOIs provide information on where your work can be found online. They are guaranteed to never change, making them a great way to provide a reliable link to any of your research.
  • Showcase all of your research. DOIs provide the ability to find all publications associated with a single author, including research that hasn’t been published.
  • Put a date on your discovery. DOIs include the publishing date of your research, to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

DOI Structure

How to Register a DOI?

DOI is provided by the publishing organization. A researcher doesn’t have to worry about the DOI. But before publishing your paper in some journal, make sure that they provide the DOIs.


Crossmark is a great utility of research publications, this basically helps to check the currency of the articles and other related metadata which includes:

  • Recent Updates
  • Affiliations
  • ISSN
  • ISBN
  • Reference lists
  • Funding Data
  • Many other identifiers

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We are hiring - Weekend Jobs

Best Weekend Jobs for Students – Online Without Investment

Either it is for your tuition fee or some extra pocket money, earning while studying is a good idea. Not only it will help you to manage your expenditures but will also help you to have the idea about the world that you are going to see after completing your studies. Finding a Weekend Job for Students is not a difficult task when you know your skill set. Possessing certain skills will make you find a weekend job easier.

But it’s fine even if you don’t have one (Which is not true, everyone has skills they just don’t about it yet). There are several Weekend jobs for students which do not require any particular skills.

There are many Online Jobs (fake as well) available. Students consider freelancing as the best option which isn’t always because working on weekends is never going to fruitful in case of conventional freelancing websites. Below are some best jobs for Students that they can do on weekends without any negative impact on their study.

Write and Get Paid  $200+ Per Article

There are several online blogs and magazine that pays a good amount of money if you send article there as per their requirements. 2 Days are enough to write a good article on a certain with an average length of 1500 words. Following are some websites along with their requirements that pay handsome amount to their contributors.

  • – This is an IBM company specializes Databases solutions. They accept articles on Databases, their management and relevant topics. Capable writers with experience of databases in production who also want to earn $200 in cash and $200 in Compose database credits for their work. More details
  • Listverse – They publish top tens of scariest, strangest, intriguing and Incredible of Everything. Nothing else, you just make a good list of 10 great things that can be interesting for your readers. They pay $100 per article via PayPal. More details

Be a Transcriptionist – Earn $20 Per Hour

Transcribe the audio and video file and earns up to $.4 per minute. This job is also as per your wish to choose among many audios available and do on any day of the week anytime. If you are linked to any Medical or Legal field, you will be paid extra money for transcribing such audio files. A good thing about this weekend job is that you can not only earn good money but also learn a lot of new things while transcribing files. Following are some best options.

  • – Before joining Rev, you have to take a grammar test. After that, you will be given a brief Transcription training. Then they will test your transcription skills in a short video. Though these tests are quite simple only 12% people pass it. You can retake the test after 45 days again. More details
  • – Just like above site, TM not only gives you the higher flexibility of freedom of work facility but good payment plan as well. Average you can earn $250 from this site easily.  You don’t have to transcribe the long interviews, these are usually the microtasks of 1-2 minutes audios and videos. More details

Be an Online Tutor on Weekend

If you have the grip on some subject along with teaching skills as well. This can be best for you. There are certain online tutoring programs that offer you to create online tutoring profiles and teach the course you are best at. Below are the two such services but they operate differently from each other. Choose that suits you best.

  • – is the largest online platform of tutors. With a variety of the subjects to choose, they support one-to-one exclusive sessions. Teachers have to make submit the application, after the approval they will be allowed to start taking classes remotely. More details
  • – is the largest online courses platform. Instead of one-to-one interaction, you record lectures and compile them in the form of a course. You will be paid on the basis of purchased courses. This is more like an autopilot, after submitting your course, you just need to share to drive sales. More details

If you have any other Weekend Jobs idea in your mind. Please feel free to share with us.


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Health data showing

Free Online Tools to Access Public Health and Demographic Data

It’s always been a trouble for me to collect data region-wise data on different health indicators such as diseases during my assignments, presentations and research papers. Boring statistical tables containing a lot of confusing figures is the thing I hated most. What I needed was a tool that shows real-time data accessing from different Public health data sources and compiling it into interactive charts and illustrations.

Many tools available, that can be used to convert your boring statistical data into good-looking charts but that required a lot of hard work and time. Following are the best Free Online tools available that can be used to access Public Health data in interactive forms.

GBD Compare – Institute of for Health Metrics and Evaluation

This tool claims to have the demographic health data from 1990 to 2016. Managed by the University of Washington – this tool shows the data in following forms,

  • World Map
  • Treemap
  • Arrow Diagram
  • Pyramid
  • Patterns
  • Overlap map
  • Heatmap
  • Plot
  • Line

Search Country-wise data on Mortality due to Disease

As demonstrated in below photo, I selected the map from the left sidebar and then selected the disease diarrhoea, the map is showing me that the most hit areas due to that certain diseases are the Central African Republic and neighbouring countries like Chad.

Online Tool to Access Health Data
GBD Compare – Showing Health Data on Diarrhoea Disease

Compare Health Data of Two Different Countries

You can easily compare the trend of the disease based on the available data using the Plot in the tool by selecting from the left sidebar at the bottom. After that, select your disease and countries you want to compare from the dropdown list. You can select the measure among Deaths, YLDs and DALYs as per your requirement.  As shown in the below screenshot.

Health data compare tool
Plot – Comparing the Diarrheal disease data of India and Africa

This tool is not limited here, I spent my whole day searching and learning about that with its mix and compare customisable features.

Visit Website

Demographic and Health Surveys – USAID

DHS is a program of United States Agency for International Development in which they collect data from the different government sources and compile them to help design better policies in the region. DHS only contains the data of less developed countries or the countries that are receiving US Aid.

The data is based on surveys, questionnaires,  GIS and Biomarkers. This tool shows the data in following forms.

  • Data Table
  • Column Chart
  • Line Graph
  • Thematic Map
Public Health Data tool by USAID
STATCompiler – Tool of USAID DHS Program

Visit Website

Virus and Contagious Disease Surveillance – Health Map

This tool is managed by Boston’s Children Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Primarily built for Flu and Ebola outbreak, this tool shows the heat maps on several viral and contagious diseases around you.

Using this tool, you can see the data of past one week of any viral disease in any country.

Health Map Online Tool
Recent Dengue Alerts in India

Visit Website

Bonus – Search Keyword Trends

This isn’t the direct way to get the health data. Google Trends displays the trends of search query being made on the search giant website. This data shows how much queries and in which region are being made most.

Health Data online tool
Regional Data on Liver Cirrhosis from Google Trends

Visit Website

If there is some another tool that is worth adding to the list, Please feel free to share in the comment section.