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Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting an Android device

You might have seen the word “Rooting an Android on the internet but you are not aware of what rooting is and how it works? In this post I have shared What is rooting?Advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android device. This post is not intended to teach you how you can root your android devices, I’ll just share the concept of rooting and it’s advantages/disadvantages.

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Keep your computers safe from viruses – Researcher’s Guide

If you’ve been using computers for quite a time, you’ve already been aware of computer viruses. Chances are that you’ve been a victim of any computer virus in the past too. Before diving into the safety measures, first let’s see what actually are viruses, how do they attack and from where do they come from?

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a program (malicious) which on running, reproduces itself and infects other programs too. A virus is written in such a way that It keeps spreading itself from one computer to the other.

How do viruses attack?

Let’s say you got a program with which a virus is attached. The virus won’t work until you run that program. Once you’ve run that program, the virus can also affect other computers present on the same network. They can steal your passwords by acting as a keylogger or corrupting files, damaging your computer’s hard disks. These were some of the examples of what a virus can do.

Where do viruses come from?

The most common answers to this question are:

  • Files downloaded from Internet
  • Email attachments
  • Malicious links
  • By connecting external drives (USB’s etc.)

How to be safe from viruses?

Now comes the main section of this post. How can you save yourself from computer viruses?
There are many security measures which you can take, I’ll explain each of them in detail.

1. Using Antiviruses

Antivirus for the researchers

Antiviruses are the programs which detect computer viruses and remove them from your computer. You should always have an antivirus software installed, especially If you’re a Windows user since 90% of the viruses target Windows users. An antivirus software will keep scanning your computer for viruses. If at any point, It detects something malicious, It’ll notify you and will remove that virus. There are many free and paid antiviruses software present in the market. Below are some of the most commonly used free antivirus software:

Always make sure that your antivirus program starts automatically when a computer is started. This ensures that you are getting protected all the time.

2. Don’t download shady files

The second security measure is to not download files which comes from unreliable sources. The internet is filled with viruses. Always make sure that the email attachment you’re going to download is sent by a safe person/company. Never download random email attachments.

One another great source of viruses is free pirated software. When you download pirated software from the internet for free, either It’s Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop etc. you have no idea what kind of file that website is providing you. It’s always best to stay away from such files and only use official company’s website to download stuff.

You can also use VirusTotal, to check that the files you’re going to download are virus free or not.

3. Don’t click random links

If you use social media, then you already might have seen a lot of spam links. Never click on links given to you by strangers. Even if someone (unknown person) has posted a link saying that you’ll get a free iPhone, use your common sense. Visiting that link would only result in your PC getting infected.

It’s always recommended to make sure whether the link you’re going to click is safe. You can once again use VirusTotal URL Scan feature to check that link for viruses.

4. Don’t connect unknown external drives to your computer

Computer USB Disk Security

This is one of the easiest ways for a virus to spread. Never attach your external drive (USB etc.) to an infected PC or any other unknown external drive to your PC. Whenever you connect your drives to malicious PC’s (let’s assume, in an internet cafe), the virus spreads itself from that computer to your drive and when you’ll plug it on your computer, It’ll spread itself to your computer too.

You can use USB Disk Security on your computer. It’s a free program which basically scans your USB for viruses and removes them.

It’s also recommended to turn off autorun and autoplay functionality in Microsoft Windows so that files do not start running as soon as an external device is attached to your computer.

5. Using Sandboxie

Sandboxie free antivirus download

Sandboxie is a program which basically creates an isolated environment for your programs to run on. This process is called a sandbox. To help you understand It better, Here’s an example which is also written on Sandboxie’s F.A.Q.

Imagine that your computer is a paper. Each program you run results in writing on that paper. Same is the case for Internet browsers, every time you visit a website, something is written on that paper (your computer). Now in these writings, let’s assume there are many viruses too. Sandboxie acts as a transparent layer above your paper so everything is placed on that transparent layer instead of the real paper.

I personally use Sandboxie whenever I need to run a program which I’ve downloaded from an unknown source. What this does is that even If the program is infected with a virus, It’ll only run in that isolated environment and I can delete that environment anytime so It won’t affect my computer.

You can download Sandboxie from Its website.


Above were some of the safety measures which you should use. I personally also use them. These days viruses are also getting more and more advanced. You should always keep your software, especially antiviruses up-to-date so they can update their databases and detect latest viruses which are out in the wild. Aside from these measures, you should also use your common sense, as mentioned above in the post. Anything (link/offer etc.) which seems too good or is from an unknown shady source will 90% result in a virus.

This was a basic post. Most of you should already be aware of the stuff which I’ve mentioned but still, there are some people who are unaware. I hope you guys learned something. If you’ve any questions, ask them through the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as I can.

Student earn online without investment

Earn money online while studying

Being a student, It can be very hard to pay for all the expenses which we have to face. The cost is not only limited to college fees but also includes the price which students have to pay for their computers, smartphones, the internet etc. No doubt many companies give students special offers for their products but It can still be difficult to pay especially without the support of parents or guardians.

In this post, we’ll be sharing some of the best ways through which you can make money online while studying. The content below includes different methods of earning online. We cannot guarantee that you’ll start earning online after reading this. It all depends upon your dedication for doing something. All you need to have is a computer, an internet connection and time.

Earning online can be difficult and easy at the same time. It’s difficult in a sense that you need to have skills to do something in order to earn. Millions of people are already earning online so why don’t you join them?

Blogging – Write and Earn

Earn while studying - One without investmentThe reason we put blogging in the first place is that because It can be a source of income for you for a long time (or maybe forever if you maintain It). Many people already earn their living through blogging and the best thing is that It won’t require any special skill.

There are many examples of successful bloggers who just started blogging as a hobby but are now earning their living through it.

You won’t be able to start earning a day after making your blog. It’d take time, just like other methods. You just need to choose a niche before you start blogging. In-case If you’re wondering about what “niche” is, then you can think of It like an area or a category. For example, your blog niche can be of fashion designing, gaming, technology, photography, science or even multi-niche (although you should focus on a single niche website if you’re a beginner).

Let’s say you’ve chosen your niche to be of photography. Now you just need a blog to proceed.
If you want to make your own blog but don’t know where to start, you can tell us and we’d be able to make it for you for free.

If you’ve created your blog, you just need to post content on It regarding your niche. As our niche is “photography”, in above example, we will be posting things like “Which DSLR is best for people who are starting out in photography?”, “Guide to take beautiful pictures” etc. You’d need to work on your blog by posting content related to your niche, as mentioned above, for around 3-4 months before you can monetize It and start earning.

You need to post Quality Content

The content you write should be of good quality and not copy/paste. This is 2017 and the competition is very high. You should research well before posting so that you could get more traffic (visitors). Think, why would your website rank higher in Google searches (Google will be bringing you most of the visitors) If your article is same as written on another website. That’s why your content should be unique, grammar/spelling mistake free and of good length.

Now comes the monetization part. The best way to earn from blogging is through advertisements. Your first priority should be to get approved by Google Adsense since It’s the best but before applying, make sure you’ve at least 15-20 good quality posts with around 1000 words in a post or more. You can have less post and fewer words in a post but again, If you’re writing something then make sure you write It well-enough so that people actually visit your website.

Since the more views you’ll get, the more money you’ll earn. We won’t be going into the details of how to monetize your website or apply to Google Adsense. You can search them on Google and you’d be able to find thousands of guides on them but before ending, I’d say that you should share your blog posts with your friends/family on social media and ask them to share too since social media also brings a lot of traffic after search engines.

The other best way to earn money from your blog is through Affiliate marketing (Affiliate marketing is explained in detail below).

Freelancing – Work at your Own Place and Get Paid 

If you are good in designing (graphic/web), writing, business services, data entry or any other thing, then you can go and start doing freelancing. In freelancing, a person works on a contract basis for one or more than one company at a time. The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is that you can do everything from your home.

Another advantage of being a freelancer is that you can set your own price for the work. The only thing you’d need is to be good in what you do and setup your portfolio (LinkedIn or a website maybe). Make people aware of what services you offer through your connections (friends, families, social media etc.) You should also try out some freelancing websites. This is how freelancing websites work.

A person (employer) places his project on a freelancing website along with his budget. Multiple people will place a bid on that project. After some time, the employer will decide that which person would be best suited for his job and he’ll pick that person. After the work is done, he’ll pay him. There won’t be any hassle regarding the payment because that freelancing website would be a third party which would hold your payment until you complete your work. These are some of the top freelancing websites:

  • (for designing)

If you’re a student and are currently studying, then you can do freelancing and apply the skills which you’ve learned in your college and earn money. It might not be the highest paying If you’re starting out but once you’ve got experience, It’d pay a lot.

Affiliate Marketing – Earn Commission from Sales

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing then, It is the type of marketing in which you promote a product of an Advertiser by being a Publisher and If someone buys that product which you’re promoting through your referral then you’d get a commission. The commission varies depending on the platform you’re using. Here’s a quick example to help you understand how affiliate marketing works.

You are a member of an affiliate program on a shopping website. Your friend needs to buy a laptop from that website. You can ask your friend to use your referral link to buy that laptop. It won’t cost your friend more but instead, you’ll also get a commission from that laptop price.

In the above example, consider changing friends with your viewers. This is what I was talking about in Blogging section. If you’ve a good website/blog then you can start promoting the products in your niche by providing genuine reviews/feedbacks about those. Not all of your viewers would buy those products but even If some of them buy, you’d get some bucks. People are already earning thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. It’s not any rocket science. You just need to have a good amount of viewers on your website.

Affiliate - Earning methods for students

List of some best Affiliate Networks:


Gigs on Fiverr

There’s another interesting website,, in which you can sell your services for $5 (mostly) or more. The difference between this marketplace and freelancing is that It’s not limited to special skills which are required in freelancing. You can do anything in which you’re good at (designing, voice overs, virtual assistant etc.), or even If you think you got a new interesting idea which people would like, you can start selling your service.

The services you’d offer are known as Gigs on Fiverr. Normally people start selling their services for $5 but the best thing is that you can also add additional services for more than $5 on your gigs. For example, you can offer to make a video introduction of 10 seconds for $5 but for a little longer introduction, you can add additional charges. You will start earning small but will eventually make it to a big earning If your services are good. You can check out Fiverr here.

YouTube – Record, Upload, Monetize and Earn 


Students can learn on youtubeIt’s not a secret that you can also make money through YouTube. YouTube is the number 1 video sharing website in the world. It also offers one of the best ways to make money online. If any of the above methods do not suit you (like you don’t have the skills etc.), then you can start out on YouTube by creating videos.

You’d just need a good amount of viewers on your videos, usually which automatically comes If your content is good.

You can make any type of videos whether they are funny videos, tutorials, informational videos, gaming etc. It is basically the advertisements which will earn you money. You might have noticed that when you play a video, an ad shows before the video or during the video. It means that the creator of the video will earn some money for it. The amount of money you’ll earn for 1000 views depends upon other factors like your viewer is from which country, for how long did he watched the ad etc. but still If you got a large fan base (subscribers), you can earn some pretty decent amount.

There are a large number of YouTubers who are already earning thousands of dollars from this program (YouTube Partner Program). Before starting out remember that you should not only focus on earning money but also on the good and interesting content. Your audience should come before your earnings because If you don’t have a good audience, you won’t be able to earn good money.

You’d also need to have at least 10,000 views on your channel before you can apply for this program.

Bonus – Selling Photographs

Photography is a profession for many people but for majority It is a hobby. If you’re a good stock photographer then you could earn money from your photos by selling them online. There are some good website on which you can list your images and if someone wants to use them, they’d buy your pictures. Of course, your photos need to be of good quality before someone would buy It.

It is not a bad way to earn some extra bucks. Some websites where you can sell out your pictures:

Bonus – Through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

You might be wondering why we’ve included this section in this post but believe It, you can really earn money through social media. We won’t be going into long details on how to actually do it but would give you just a rough idea about how It works.

There are a lot of big pages on Facebook (with a lot of likes). Either they are someone’s personal pages or entertainment pages, They share different websites/products with Its followers from time to time. They are usually getting paid to do so. For example, you have a facebook page with a lot of likes (let’s say 50,000). You can earn money by selling posts in which you can either share the person’s website, his page etc. You can post It in your page’s bio that you can promote someone’s product or website and people can contact you by messaging or emailing etc.

This same strategy goes with Instagram where you need to have a good amount of followers.

The last two methods which we’ve shared are just bonus methods. You shouldn’t rely only on them. Your major focus should be towards choosing any of the first five methods. Earning money online is easy but require a lot of patience. You have to be determined on It. You shouldn’t opt-out after doing it for a month or after earning small amount (or not earning at all). You should remain consistent and eventually you’ll start making good amount online.