15 Volunteer Opportunities for University Students

Volunteer programs for University students“What? I don’t have time to do all that!” this phrase abruptly clicks in our mind whenever we encounter the word “Volunteer”. Actually, volunteer work is meant to be more than what most make it out to be. Convincing someone to step out for giving helping hand voluntarily to others is more important than telling him/her about the volunteer opportunities available over the globe.

Let me first solve this riddle – whether volunteer work is beneficial or not, by mentioning “For every God-given goal, He gives the grace to accomplish it”. The time you’ve spent so far in volunteer work is of little worth as compared to the generosity you manifested.

“The sun is never denied the light it gives; likewise, you are never denied the kindness you bestow.”

The catalog of the perks one enjoys during volunteerism is not limited to the one’s own grace. Besides this, it yields new exposure around the world, imparts sublime experience & insight, broadens one’s social circle, embellishes personality, proffers the exceptional sense of accomplishment and above all, career building options.

It is to be admitted that every volunteer work is not suitable for everyone. It depends upon the opportunity, expertise, availability & area of interest. Being a university grade student, we can avail opportunity to serve humanity in the following sectors

Volunteer Programs in Education

Education is the best sector for students to volunteer their services. Working with different organizations helps to understand the different challenges faced by the other components of the society which you haven’t.

Global Vision International (GVI)

GVI is an award-winning organization that provides volunteer and internship opportunities in various continents like Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Its alumni network provides access to higher education and career development options. They operate their own volunteer projects to ensure real and sustainable impacts on the ground.

International Student Volunteer (ISV)

ISV discloses its volunteer opportunities to provide education to poor, orphaned, and vulnerable across six continents. Their one of the motives is to avoid children from forced child labor. Through each volunteer opportunity and travel program, they work on after-school programs.

ISV discloses its volunteer opportunities to provide education to poor, orphaned, and vulnerable across six continents. Their one of the motives is to avoid children from forced child labor. Through each volunteer opportunity and travel program, they work on after-school programs.

Connect-123 Internships & Volunteer Program

It offers volunteer programs, internships, and studies abroad placements in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Through customized travel opportunities, one can mainly focus on education. It also provides housing support, orientation, and emergency support, ensuring you the best experience abroad possible.

Volunteer Programs in Wildlife & Health Care

If you have some taste for adventure then Wildlife volunteer programmes are best for you. Medical studies can also join these student volunteer programmes specialized in healthcare.

World Health Organization (WHO)

It provides excellent volunteer opportunities for students and professionals to participate in the work of the organization and to expand the knowledge and understanding of organizational goals and activities in the area of health care and global health initiatives. It also promotes the development of cost-effective, safe and quality health services in low- middle-income countries.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol)

It is an international volunteer organization. You can choose from the projects focusing on nursing, medical care, dentistry and physiotherapy on the basis of your hands-on experience in your concerning field. Their targeting countries are Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Peru and Costa Rica.

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ)

It offers affordable volunteer trips and overseas healthcare volunteer program. Volunteers assist in rural clinics, orphanages or small communities to provide checkups and basic medical care depending on their experience and ability to lead under their placement at Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Volunteer Programs in Human Rights & Empowerment

UN Volunteers (UNV)

UN Volunteers, international and national, serve side-by-side with United Nations Personnel, bringing unique perspective and knowledge in the area of sustainable development – from eliminating poverty, empowering women and youth, and playing critical roles in peacekeeping missions and humanitarian response, to advocating for the rights of marginalized people.

Global Nomadic

It offers affordable volunteer opportunities to build new skills and enhance careers abroad. Its program supports women, widows, children, and orphans. Their volunteers make a difference and ensure your efforts are sustainable and impactful by working alongside local NGOs on the projects relating to your degree or career goals.

Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)

GLA sends a number of volunteers in nearly two dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and America for youth development each year.  People with them have the opportunity to learn about social construction and much more for social empowerment.


If you believe your event organization skills are good or you want to polish then join on the following students’ volunteer programmes.

Projects Abroad

It provides volunteer opportunities in the wide-range focusing on teaching, agriculture and much more. Actually, they provide training to their volunteers who further serve humanity by arranging events and workshop for awareness and sharing of knowledge. Its newcomers are well guided by the specialists.

Society & Commission

 This word comprises of all entities working in the area of engineering, sciences, and technologies. They mostly organize the seminar, workshops, and events through their volunteers in various universities and colleges around the world. Each society and commission is now more able to create its beneficial impacts among the students.

CHEEB Organization

CHEEB is prior non-profit organization working for the eradication of cyber-crimes, especially in South Asia. It offers volunteer opportunities each year. They organize seminars, technical workshops, and events to spread awareness through its volunteers. It also provides training, counseling & guidance to the victims voluntarily.

Volunteer Programs of Youth Work

Reach Out Volunteers

It provides fun, high-impact volunteer programs designed to make a difference in impoverished communities, help endangered wildlife and to immerse volunteers in a new culture. This especially works on the local issues and tries to seek them out under the best possible solutions.

Volunteering Journeys

It prides itself on personal attention for all participants, high-quality services and the placements that actually engage high-level alumni. It has a large diversity factor in this area of working especially in community development. They also provide extra co-curricular activities like visit, trips and recreational tours, to the children.

Cross-Cultural Solutions

It offers year-round presence its host communities, a full team of local expert staff to support the volunteers, and among the highest standards of safety and well-being. This organization has also received some valuable recognition. It also develops a lot of activities for females to motivate them to play their vital part in volunteerism.

All the above-mentioned organizations are of international standard, which has their bylaws and policies for volunteers. You may join any of these by applying through a systematic way. Some are free to all but many have some cost of the subscription to join them. It’s important to note when we join any organization according to our interest and aptitude, we should better serve in a dedicated and effective way without being taking it as a burden.

It is better to serve than be served.

Good and Bad Factors for GPA in University

How to get 4.0 GPA in University

GPA is Grade Point Average. But, for a student, it should be Good Positive Attitude towards learning. Securing high GPA is like a rat race. Most of the students start this race from the very first day at university. Whenever someone starts this race the only desired thing is good GPA. At the end, a few ones remain successful but many not.

In reality, there are many factors which play their vital role just to make GPA good enough or bad enough. Parallelly, there are many problems which may derail the academic life of a student as well. One is to seek out the problems on its own in order to be a less problematic person. Above all, smartness & persistence matter a lot.

In a semester system, the time frame to cover the essentials of a subject is too short. You don’t have so much time to think when to do. Following are the factors which a student must know about:

  1. Effective Study PlanFactors responsible for Good GPA
  2. Concise & Useful Academic Material to Study
  3. Punctuality
  4. Active Participation during Lecture
  5. Consistency
  6. Smart Workout

Effective Study Plan plays a pivot role and like a road map to move. Because, when you have the plan to follow then you can easily go ahead. First, make a plan otherwise you will remain stuck at your initial stage. Your plan must be simple to follow, comfortable to adopt & equalizer of time. Keep in view your taste & aptitude while making your plan. Follow one plan; as too many cooks spoil food similarly, too many plans create the mess.

Concise & Useful Academic Material is also necessary. So, if you will study good material ultimately your knowledge will be quite impressive & logical. Your teacher, library & internet are good sources to get data. Make book as your best friend.

Punctuality will maintain your momentum so far. If you are not attending your lectures regularly, you are creating troubles for yourself. At the end, you will have a lot of things to recover from scratch; a hysteria. Attending lecture should be your habit.

Active Participation during Lecture will enhance your ability to think. It will make you more confident while talking, questioning & answering. Moreover, it will furnish your expression, impression & guts. If you want to attend the class then do it actively otherwise it is wastage of time.

Consistency makes you more efficient to work. It will update your knowledge. Hence, at the time of hard work, you will neither have hesitation nor have a fear to do something extra ordinary.

Smart Workout is like a soul in a body. All the above factors form a body, but the soulless body has no worth at all. To make it worthy, you have to inject the soul of hard work in your body comprising all the mentioned factors. Never go for hard work but prefer smart work. Actually, smart work is nothing but hard work in right direction. Work hard & play hard!

These factors play their role in getting good GPA. If you lack in one, it will affect your grade. So never make compromise upon any of these. Besides these, a student faces a lot of problems during his/her academic career. These problems may directly or indirectly show their influence in obtaining good grades. Have a look upon these:

  1. Health Issue
  2. Financial Crisis
  3. Emotional Instability
  4. Laziness
  5. Misconception regarding Difficulty Level of Subject/Instructor
  6. Favoritism
  7. Negative Attitude towards Learning

Among these, some problems are human created and other are luck based. These ordeals can easily be terminated by a little extra effort.

Health Issue directly affects the GPA. A well-known proverb is; Health is a great wealth. Yes! It is. If you are feeling good, obviously you can work properly. If you are sick, first have a best possible treatment. Then, continue your daily life routine.

Financial Crisis can easily be resolved by availing some scholarships available at Institute in which you are enrolled. Also, pray for not being inducted in any financial issue.

Emotional Instability is the most lethal issue which a student can ever face in his/her career. To recognize this is the thing of major concern. Mostly, sub conscious mind causes the mental destruction. This thing makes us emotionally unstable. But, the method to cure this is very simple; always surrounded by positive people. Always listen good, think better & speak best. So, look around yourself, if you are surrounded by negative people then leave them.

Laziness is human dependent totally. One should make compromise over luxuries. Do rest when you complete your necessary task.

Misconception regarding Difficulty Level of Subject/Instructor is an issue which new comers mostly feel. No doubt, every subject is not the easy one and methodology of every teacher is not the synchronizing one. The best way to handle this situation is to seek knowledge from the other sources rather than to give up.

Favoritism also plays role in securing good points, if occur. It may pin stars to your collar. So, hope for best and prepare for worst.

Negative Attitude towards Learning can bound your approach in the era of advancement. Fix mind sets can never make unusual decisions. Seek knowledge from anywhere at any time. If you are with low GPA then try to learn a lot but if your GPA is already high then be cooperative with the fore ones.

Above facts are totally based upon what a student really face in during its academic career to secure good GPA. Obviously, hurdles are there but to get through these is real ability. So, believe in your abilities as much as you can.

“Self-confidence is an essence to success.”

In above-mentioned things, nothing is difficult. It only requires a lot of practice. All the students have the same brain but the utility of brain makes the difference. Your smartness in studies will be reflected in the result at the end.

“No hill is difficult to climb. See you at the top.”

Critical reviews of this will highly be appreciated because it will cause improvements. So, feedback is being awaited.