5 Things You Don’t Know About Sci-hub

I’m a big fan of Open Access. Research literature must be available to everyone for free. Almost every early researcher thinks the same. This is why Alexandra Elbakyan came up with the idea of Sci-hub that is actually a “Web Scraper” helps scientists to download research papers for free. Sci-hub is endorsed and used everywhere in the world and equally criticized as using the ill methods to offer free content.


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Journal Publication Workflow

Journal Publication Process – Infographic

To make the process of Journal Publication more for early researchers to understand, our team has made this infographic on Journal Publication Process. This Infographic concisely depicts the basic process of how a paper gets published in a journal.

Research paper publication on journal - complete process
Process of Research Paper Publication in Journal – Download PDF

How to Make a WOW Presentation

In recent decades, due to the advancement of the technology, there are several new aspects that are introduced in the Journal Publication Process but still, the workflow is still same.
It all starts when an author submits its transcripts mostly via online form or email. Editorial staff of the journal check the following  things in the submitted transcript,

  • According to the Aims and Scope of Journal
  • Article Type
  • Transcript length and Format as per requirements

The transcript is then sent to the peer-reviewers. Usually, the identity of author and reviewer is kept hidden by removing the metadata of the transcript.

Peer-reviewers submit their recommendations after thoroughly reviewing the paper and this can take between 4-8 months. Their recommendations can be,

  • Accept the paper  – which is very rare
  • Minor changes
  • Major Changes
  • Rejected

Based on the recommendations from the peer-reviewers, the editor makes the decision. The editor can have the opinion of any third peer-reviewer as well in case of the tie. If there are some changes required in the paper, it is sent back to the author.

Author revises the paper and sends it back to the editor. Editor forwards it to the reviewer again. After the arrival of recommendations from the peer-reviewers, Editor makes the final decision either to publish the paper or to reject it.