3 Steps to make a Wow Presentation

From Business meet-ups to classrooms, presentations are everywhere. Most of them are quite boring. According to some studies, average only 30% of audiences are listening to a presentation with attention.

Everyone wants to deliver a Wow presentation rather than a Meh. This is what determines that either your audiences are listening to you or not. Making a Wow presentation certainly needs a lot more work and research than that we might spend normally.

Start with a Story

I always found it very useful and engaging when you start your talk with a story relevant to the topic. There are certain things you must keep in mind about the story. It impresses the audience more if the story is based on your experience rather than a textbook novel.

Keep it concise and be very careful in the words and dialogues you choose to speak. If you don’t have something of your own then please avoid telling anything which is too common.

Originality of Content

If you presenting on someone’s else research or data then forget that you can deliver a Wow presentation. I have even seen people downloading the presentations from sites like SlideShare and presenting them at different forums. It’s a Sin. 

You can’t impress people if there is nothing in the presentation that you have on your own. Even if your copying the design or template of someone, this means you are trying to fit in someone’s work. That’s a terrible idea.

Even if your presentation is based on some general topic rather than some research presentation, search the Internet and gather some valuable content.

Careful Use of Visual Aid

Let me be very clear here, the purpose of PowerPoint Presentation is just to visually assist you. It is not something you should be reading from when you are talking to your audiences.

Be very careful while you are making your Presentation slides. Your audiences will not Wow on your presentation if you have every piece of text you are going to speak on your slides.

People giving Wow presentations only add some clues in their slides rather than the whole of their codex gega. Careful use of media such as images and videos is also important. So, no need to add to anything in your slide that already everywhere on the internet not much necessary to add.


If you aren’t ready to invest your time in preparing your presentation then expect a meh rather than a wow. A Wow presentation is always have something new for the audiences irrespective of the topic of which you are speaking.

People will love to hear about the Wow moment of your presentation. People be proud to share here.

15 Volunteer Opportunities for University Students

Volunteer programs for University students“What? I don’t have time to do all that!” this phrase abruptly clicks in our mind whenever we encounter the word “Volunteer”. Actually, volunteer work is meant to be more than what most make it out to be. Convincing someone to step out for giving helping hand voluntarily to others is more important than telling him/her about the volunteer opportunities available over the globe.

Let me first solve this riddle – whether volunteer work is beneficial or not, by mentioning “For every God-given goal, He gives the grace to accomplish it”. The time you’ve spent so far in volunteer work is of little worth as compared to the generosity you manifested.

“The sun is never denied the light it gives; likewise, you are never denied the kindness you bestow.”

The catalog of the perks one enjoys during volunteerism is not limited to the one’s own grace. Besides this, it yields new exposure around the world, imparts sublime experience & insight, broadens one’s social circle, embellishes personality, proffers the exceptional sense of accomplishment and above all, career building options.

It is to be admitted that every volunteer work is not suitable for everyone. It depends upon the opportunity, expertise, availability & area of interest. Being a university grade student, we can avail opportunity to serve humanity in the following sectors

Volunteer Programs in Education

Education is the best sector for students to volunteer their services. Working with different organizations helps to understand the different challenges faced by the other components of the society which you haven’t.

Global Vision International (GVI)

GVI is an award-winning organization that provides volunteer and internship opportunities in various continents like Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Its alumni network provides access to higher education and career development options. They operate their own volunteer projects to ensure real and sustainable impacts on the ground.

International Student Volunteer (ISV)

ISV discloses its volunteer opportunities to provide education to poor, orphaned, and vulnerable across six continents. Their one of the motives is to avoid children from forced child labor. Through each volunteer opportunity and travel program, they work on after-school programs.

ISV discloses its volunteer opportunities to provide education to poor, orphaned, and vulnerable across six continents. Their one of the motives is to avoid children from forced child labor. Through each volunteer opportunity and travel program, they work on after-school programs.

Connect-123 Internships & Volunteer Program

It offers volunteer programs, internships, and studies abroad placements in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Through customized travel opportunities, one can mainly focus on education. It also provides housing support, orientation, and emergency support, ensuring you the best experience abroad possible.

Volunteer Programs in Wildlife & Health Care

If you have some taste for adventure then Wildlife volunteer programmes are best for you. Medical studies can also join these student volunteer programmes specialized in healthcare.

World Health Organization (WHO)

It provides excellent volunteer opportunities for students and professionals to participate in the work of the organization and to expand the knowledge and understanding of organizational goals and activities in the area of health care and global health initiatives. It also promotes the development of cost-effective, safe and quality health services in low- middle-income countries.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol)

It is an international volunteer organization. You can choose from the projects focusing on nursing, medical care, dentistry and physiotherapy on the basis of your hands-on experience in your concerning field. Their targeting countries are Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Peru and Costa Rica.

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ)

It offers affordable volunteer trips and overseas healthcare volunteer program. Volunteers assist in rural clinics, orphanages or small communities to provide checkups and basic medical care depending on their experience and ability to lead under their placement at Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Volunteer Programs in Human Rights & Empowerment

UN Volunteers (UNV)

UN Volunteers, international and national, serve side-by-side with United Nations Personnel, bringing unique perspective and knowledge in the area of sustainable development – from eliminating poverty, empowering women and youth, and playing critical roles in peacekeeping missions and humanitarian response, to advocating for the rights of marginalized people.

Global Nomadic

It offers affordable volunteer opportunities to build new skills and enhance careers abroad. Its program supports women, widows, children, and orphans. Their volunteers make a difference and ensure your efforts are sustainable and impactful by working alongside local NGOs on the projects relating to your degree or career goals.

Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)

GLA sends a number of volunteers in nearly two dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and America for youth development each year.  People with them have the opportunity to learn about social construction and much more for social empowerment.


If you believe your event organization skills are good or you want to polish then join on the following students’ volunteer programmes.

Projects Abroad

It provides volunteer opportunities in the wide-range focusing on teaching, agriculture and much more. Actually, they provide training to their volunteers who further serve humanity by arranging events and workshop for awareness and sharing of knowledge. Its newcomers are well guided by the specialists.

Society & Commission

 This word comprises of all entities working in the area of engineering, sciences, and technologies. They mostly organize the seminar, workshops, and events through their volunteers in various universities and colleges around the world. Each society and commission is now more able to create its beneficial impacts among the students.

CHEEB Organization

CHEEB is prior non-profit organization working for the eradication of cyber-crimes, especially in South Asia. It offers volunteer opportunities each year. They organize seminars, technical workshops, and events to spread awareness through its volunteers. It also provides training, counseling & guidance to the victims voluntarily.

Volunteer Programs of Youth Work

Reach Out Volunteers

It provides fun, high-impact volunteer programs designed to make a difference in impoverished communities, help endangered wildlife and to immerse volunteers in a new culture. This especially works on the local issues and tries to seek them out under the best possible solutions.

Volunteering Journeys

It prides itself on personal attention for all participants, high-quality services and the placements that actually engage high-level alumni. It has a large diversity factor in this area of working especially in community development. They also provide extra co-curricular activities like visit, trips and recreational tours, to the children.

Cross-Cultural Solutions

It offers year-round presence its host communities, a full team of local expert staff to support the volunteers, and among the highest standards of safety and well-being. This organization has also received some valuable recognition. It also develops a lot of activities for females to motivate them to play their vital part in volunteerism.

All the above-mentioned organizations are of international standard, which has their bylaws and policies for volunteers. You may join any of these by applying through a systematic way. Some are free to all but many have some cost of the subscription to join them. It’s important to note when we join any organization according to our interest and aptitude, we should better serve in a dedicated and effective way without being taking it as a burden.

It is better to serve than be served.

PDF Tricks for Researchers

10 PDF Tricks Every Researcher Needs to Know

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PDF Tricks for Researchers

PDF files are the best way to store, share and read your documents without disturbing the format of the original file. Being a researcher, you will encounter a lot of PDFs during your research span.

Whether it’s your résumé, research paper, a tax form, e-book, user guide or a web page, you can’t go wrong using a PDF. Chances are you’ve already got a free PDF reader installed on your computer, but you can do a lot more with your PDF files than you might think. Following are 10 best tricks that you can do with your PDF files.

Convert PDF to Word Online

PDF to Doc ConverterConverting PDF file to Word is necessary when you want to make certain changes in your PDF such as changing design, photos or text. I found it also useful in copying text or images from a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat premium can do this for but it cost you a paid subscription.

A PDF file can be converted into Word for free using a tool known as smallPDF. This tool has a limit of 2 conversions in an hour. If you want to do more than that, you can use another tool PDF to DOCX.

Speed Up PDF File

PDF can be very slow sometimes to open. This primarily occurs due to the too much multimedia content in your PDF or unnecessary add-ons in installed with your PDF Reader. There is a tool which makes Acrobat and Reader load faster by disabling plug-ins, updates, splash screens, and other startup slowdowns.

You can allow the plug-ins and features you want or enable them as you need them. You can download the tool from CNET.

Merge PDF Files Online

Sometimes you need to combine different book chapters or research papers in a single PDF. Merging those PDF files can help you a lot and saves you from the trouble of handling these files anymore.

You guessed right! there is a free online tool that lets you combine multiple PDF files into one single file. Now either it’s the multiple quotations files of your chemicals for project or book chapters, merge them and either send them or keep them as one. Use the tool here.

Edit PDF Files Online

I love to write, draw shapes and add different images to PDF files. I do it for different purposes including,

  • Making notes for myself while reading PDF
  • Replacing some text or the photo
  • Explaining any point in PDF before sending to someone

It matters how it serves your purpose but editing PDF is very helpful especially when you can do it online for free on this tool.

Password Protect PDF File Online

Encryption (simply Password Protection) of PDF file can help you to hide the content of your file and ensures the secrecy. There are two different ways to do. One is while creating the PDF file using Microsoft Office. This is the built-in feature of Microsoft Office. This can be applied to .Docx files also. How to Geek have explained it how to do it.

Alternatively, this can be done via an online tool as well. You just have to upload your file to this tool and this will password protect your PDF file. Above method is more recommended than this one.

Remove Password of PDF File Online

Removing password from PDF file is possible if the encryption used on the file is not so much strong. If the encryption is strong, you won’t be able to remove the password. There is an online tool that can remove the password from the PDF file for you. You can use this tool here.

Add Watermark to PDF File Online

Watermarking the PDF file can be very useful if you are going to make your report or paper public. This will help you in branding as well as promoting your organization or institution. Watermark can be added while creating the PDF file using your office software as explained on Microsoft Website.

If you have already created the PDF file, then you can do this now as well. Using this tool, you can not only stamp text on the PDF file as a watermark but Images as well.

Convert PDF to JPEG or PNG Online

If you are looking to send a specific graph, chart or photo from a PDF to someone then converting your PDF into JPEG or PNG can be helpful. You don’t need to send the whole file to the recipient. Webmasters or bloggers also require this when they want to show some part of the PDF online while overloading their web page.

There is no technicality in converting the PDF file into PNG, an online tool can do this for free in few seconds. You can do this using this online tool.

Convert Any format to PDF Online

If you are working with any application of Microsoft Office, you can convert it into PDF file using built-in save as function. But if there is any other file format you are working with or somehow if your that function is not working, you can use this free online tool to convert your any file format to PDF.

Save Web page as PDF

This is a very routine thing for me to save the web page as PDF. It helps me to read articles later offline or print them. You can also use this feature when you have a limited access to some web page or research article.

This can be done directly using browser action. Press Ctrl + P, a dialogue box will appear. Click on “Change” and select the option of PDF and then press the blue button of save as demonstrated in below picture.

Saving Web page as PDF using Browser built in feature


These PDF tricks are entirely based on my own experience. You can also contribute to this article by sharing your experience in the comment box below. Please make sure to share this article with your friends and colleagues.