The Definitive Guide to Academic Websites

Facebook9TwitterGoogle+Pinterest0If you have ever wondered “What are Academic or Scholarly Websites?” This is the perfect guide for you to know what exactly they are. As the name depicts, the Academic...
What are Academic Web pages?
Definitive guide to Academic Websites

If you have ever wondered “What are Academic or Scholarly Websites?” This is the perfect guide for you to know what exactly they are. As the name depicts, the Academic Websites websites are the collection of web pages related to education. There are certain properties of academic websites which distinguish them from others. 

Few of them are:

  • First thing First, it is not-for-entertainment as most of the websites are.
  • It is backed by some government, society, institution or at least volunteer students and faculty.
  • Scholarly websites are more authentic as compared to others.
  • Most of the times, content is better proof-read to check with fact and figures.

There are several types of academic websites which are following:

Institutional Websites

These academic websites belong to different universities, colleges or schools used to run their different operations such as:

  • General information about the Institution
  • Posting announcements about admissions
  • Information about different departments and faculty
  • Portal for Students and Faculty

Conference Websites

To reach more attendees for the conference and attract potential donors for the conference, Conference websites are being built. It serves the following purposes:

  • Information about the conference.
  • Registration process or online form.
  • Profile of the speaker.
  • Information about organizers and sponsors.

Portfolio Websites

Scientists are most shy humans on the earth but not everyone. Few want to interact more with the people especially those who are working in development or social studies. A portfolio website can be used for the following purposes:

  • Information about the Person
  • His/Her work
  • Smooth way of contact
  • Blog

Project Websites

It’s not always better to roar if you are not yet ready to strike but in few cases, you need to show the world your work so you can gather as much support as you needed. Project websites are good for:

  • To Show what you are building
  • Gather funds and support
  • Let people contribute if it is an open source project
  • Get comments and feedback.

Research Center

If it is not something for Project x then you surely want to interact with the people interested in the services of the research centre. Most of the university, government-funded or private research labs have their websites which may contain the following:

  • Information about the Affiliation of the Research Center
  • Profiles of the researchers working in the Research lab
  • Contact information
  • Services offered by the research lab

Workshops and Training

Workshops are the efficient way of teaching small and important things to faculty, students or interested individuals. Scientific workshops especially computer training ( Yes scientist are non-computer geeks ) are organized by universities, colleges or commercial organizers as well, free or paid. A website can be a good medium for reaching more trainees.

  • What is Workshop about?
  • Who can attend?
  • How to Attend?
  • Who is the organizer?


These are the rich ones! Journals are scientific publishing houses that publish new research periodically. The content is mostly peer-reviewed and then finally published. Most of the today’s journal publish their content in electronic form and website serves the purpose.

  • Publish Research Papers, Review Papers, Editorials and News.
  • Contain the Information about the Journal Affiliations
  • Profiles of Editors and Peer Reviewers.
  • Journal Submission Guidelines
  • Submission Form

Society Websites

Social media pages are not enough to keep updated the members of the society about the activities and upcoming meet-ups. So, most of the societies have their own websites not only to keep updated their members but also to reach more registrations by telling people about their cause.

  • Information about the Society
  • Recent and Upcoming events of the society
  • Registration form
  • Board of the society
  • Affiliation of the society

E-learning Websites

You have probably heard about Edx or Coursera, if not, these are the websites which are free* online courses and resources on several academic topics through affiliations with several academic institutions. Well, If you have to teach online then you do need a website. It may contain

  • Complete E-learning System or Learning Management System.
  • Information about the courses and reading material
  • Profiles of the Instructors
  • Details of the affiliations of the organization.


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