Action Video Cameras are not normal for some other sort of camera. They’re intended to be attached to the bicycles, surfboards, autos, head helmets and different items, and they’re little, extreme and easy to work, with a focal point that catches the world in top quality video. The best action cameras are super-active,  multi-skilled, resourceful and, because of the footage they capture, they’ve become the remarkable gadget for extreme sports enthusiasts looking to film their vlogging adventures. They’re likewise splendid for catching cool timelapse recordings.

Regardless of whether you’re a bike rider, an adventurer or you need to catch epic perspectives of trails and climbing, furnishing yourself with the correct activity cam can enable you to film your experiences to see later, catching film to impart to family and companions.

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Since their development in prominence, the quantity of these cams to look over has expanded, so finding the best activity camera for you appear a bit of overwhelming. Get one with a waterproof casing and you can take your activity camera in the pool, stream or sea to film for swimming, surfing, and diving. There are additionally models with a level of waterproofing as standard.

Executing video recordings for YouTube has turned into a spectacular purpose as full-time vlogging. Another way to say “video online journals”, video blogs have turned out to be incredibly well known. In any case, the question arises for people as ” With what and how I shoot my videos???”

Best Action Video Cameras: Comparison Table

Camera ImageCamera ModelSpecificationsPrice

Drift Ghost 4K

Weight: 120g
Waterproof: 30m
Battery life: 2hrs
Video modes: 4K: 30fps, 2.7K: 60fps, 1080P: 120fps, 720P: 240fps


Weight: 84g
Waterproof: With optional case
Battery life: 4hrs
Video modes: 4K: 15fps, 1080: 60fps
720: 120fps

Panasonic lumix ZS50

Weight: 243 g
Waterproof: 50m
Battery life: 2hrs
Video modes: 2160: 24fps, 1920: 24fps, 1080: 240fps


Weight: 55g (110g with housing)
Waterproof: 30m with included case
Battery life: 2hrs
Video modes: 4K video: 24fps, 1080: 60fps, 720: 120fps


Weight: 132g
Waterproof: 10m
Battery life: 2hrs
Video modes: 4k: 30fps, 1080: 120fps,  720: 960fps

Olympus TG- Tracker

Weight: 180g
Waterproof: 30m
Battery life: 3hrs
Video modes: 4K: 30fps, 1080:  60fps,  720:  240fps

Sony RXO

Weight: 110g
Waterproof: 10m
Battery life: 60 mins
Video modes: 4K, 1080: 1000fps, 720: 1000fps

DJI Osmo

Weight: 124g
Waterproof: 11m
Battery life: 2hrs 
Video modes: 4K: 60fps, 1080: 240fps,
720: 240fps

YI 4K+

Weight: 94g
Waterproof: Optional case available
Battery life: 2hrs
Video modes: 4K: 30fps, 1080: 120fps, 720: 240fps


Weight: 118g 
Waterproof: 10m
Battery Life: 3hrs
Video modes: 4K :  30fps, 1080:  120fps,  720:  240fps

GoPro Fusion

Weight: 200g
Waterproof: 5m
Battery life: 1hr
Video modes: 5.2K: 30fps, 3K: 60fps


Weight: 662g
Waterproof: 30m
Battery life: 1hr 30mins
Video modes: 4K: 30fps, 1080: 30fps, 720: 60fps


Weight: 118g
Waterproof: 10m
Battery life: 3hrs
Video modes: 4K: 60fps, 1080: 240fps, 720: 240fps


Weight: 118g
Waterproof: 10m
Battery life: 1-3hrs
Video modes: 4K: 30fps, 1080: 120fps, 720: 240fps


Weight: 85g
Waterproof: 30m (in supplied housing)
Battery life: 90 minutes 
Video modes: 4K : 60fps, 1080: 120fps, 720: 240fps


Weight: 190g
Waterproof: Splashproof, with lens swap
Battery life: 3hrs
Video modes: 4K: 15fps, 1080: 60fps, 720: 120fps

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Weight: 88g
Waterproof: With included case
Battery life: 2hrs 15mins
Video modes: 4K: 30fps,  1080: 90fps, 720: 60fps


Weight: 118g
Waterproof: 10m
Battery Life: 3hrs
Video Modes: 4K: 60fps,  1080: 240fps, 720: 240fps


Weight: 114g
Waterproof: 60m with included case
Battery life: 2hrs 5mins
Video modes: 4K , 1080: 120fps, 720: 240fps

Nikon KeyMission 360

Weight: 189g
Waterproof: 30m
Battery life: 1hr 10mins
Video modes: 2160: 24fps, 1920:24fps, 960: 25fps, 640: 100fps, 320: 200fps

20 Best Cameras to Record Action Videos

To assist you in buying the action video camera, we have curated a list of cameras for you. You can browse through this list to choose the best video camera that suits your needs or you can also read the comparison table as well.

Drift Ghost 4K

Drift Ghost 4k is small, efficient, smooth-running and well organized. The Ghost 4K can instantly capture footage with a single click so you’ll never miss your extremely valuable time again. This little gadget is adjusted with your lifestyle, your priceless time and with the various amounts of features it has, it can hook on to pretty much anything at any angle.

With the wide range of resolution and various features, this little thing guarantees the best shot capture under any circumstance.  The camera’s position of safety structure and hard external shell make the Ghost 4K perfect passionate adventurers as they fix on helmets, bicycles, bags during hiking, and with add-on accessories, and water resistance quality, this ghost 4k is ideal to traverse the depths of 40m.

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With regards to sound, some action cameras miss the mark, yet not the Ghost 4K. The camera includes additional double receivers, front and back, which improve sound quality and help battle troublesome sound interference.

Capturing your life moments and experiences with this 4k is absolutely stunning and astonishing.

Pros Cons
 Low-profile design❌ Fiddly controls
 Impressive audio❌ No stabilization above 1080p
 Waterproof even without a housing❌ You need to spend more to get its protective case
 The battery can serve up to 3.5 hours with 1080p resolution level.



Veho Muvi K2 PRO is the most dynamic action camera in the whole  Veho Muvi K2 series. The Veho Muvi K2 Pro accompanies an LCD screen and tremendous accessories and plenty of other stuff.  A great arrangement quite you get a lot of stuff at the cost. Be that as it may, while the features are cool, the main thing is the nature and quality of the video so we should perceive how great the K2 PRO really is.

The Muvi K2 Pro is Veho’s most advanced camera, with built-in  XA-9 processor fit for catching 4K video at 15fps or 1080p at 60fps. Its 1,500 mAh battery longs last three hours, giving you plenty of time to capture the ideal shot.

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A little LCD is situated on top of the action camera that is essentially there just to tell you much space is left on your micro SD card. The side holds a compartment for the HDMI, mini USB and micro-SD ports.

The majority of the Veho Muvi K2 activity cameras come in greyish black. They’re manufactured very well and built with an amazing plastic and is fit for holding in hand, and its hard rough design makes it compact so it doesn’t break when falls.

  Free accessories❌  Not waterproof without a case 
  Great image quality❌  Complicated buttons
  It comes with a removable LCD screen❌  Additional LCD results in adjunct in camera size.


Panasonic Lumix ZS50

Panasonic  Lumix ZS50 is specifically designed for travelers, hikers, riders and is one of the most highly regarded action camera the whole Panasonic ZS series. This gadget is built-in with the strap buckles, a micro SD card, microphone, and stereo speakers.  Lumix ZS50  can minimize the pixels to 12MP in contrasted with 18MP in the Lumix ZS40 and that’s why this is an effective and first choice.

Another important feature is the wide range of auto and manual controls for subtle photography, quickly adjust to settings and due to its compact size does fit in hand.

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In case you’re a flat out amateur, you can leave it in automatic mode and utilize the advantages of the zoom run, while in case you’re a die-hard fan, the chance to shoot and control manually is a plus point. The battery life doesn’t long last for more than a couple of hours but if you wanna use this gadget regularly, one might need an additional battery.

Since this is a simple to use the camera, it has a fixed focal point over its sensor, and this an optically balanced out unit with an equal zoom scope of 24-720 mm. With a tremendous zoom range, you’ll think that it’s flexible enough for various shooting positions for  family pictures straight up to far away perspectives and that’s just the beginning

 30x optical zoom range❌ Image smoothing at high ISOs
 Light Body❌ No Touch Screen
 Manual Exposure❌ No 4K video capture
 Built-in EVF❌ Poor Battery Life



Though this little gadget is cheap and joyful, its image quality is really good. It has the option to shoot 4k and 1080p videos and image stabilization is excellent. There is no blurriness in touch screens and have a High Dynamic Range, and it is the current big thing for 4K videos and 4K content.

It comes with an encased cardboard sheath comes with a lot of accessories. The casing is 30m waterproof plastic and a rubber hard design with a lighter body that makes it enable to be fit for pocket. It’s not just smaller than other action cams but also have simpler menu and easy accessible software.

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The LCD is quite bright and vivid that you can actually see the screen in the dazzling sunlight, that’s why this is the choice of recommendation for most of the eccentric enthusiasts. Although battery life is only 2 hrs still can give plenty to time to capture the quality shots.

 Stabilization❌ Waterproof only with a case
 Cost-effective❌ Not Sufficient enough as good as GoPro
  HDR and Crisp rear LCD screen❌ No voice control



The Sony RX0 II falls in the best category of action video cams from a purchaser point of view, with its  ‘small intense’ cam with a super-tough form to assist it with withstanding shocks and scratches during outdoor events and regular use. Twice much as price its been build up by a durable strong metal that makes it better adventure action cam than others.

One of the best thing about this is its flip-up screen. Its screen flips out on a metal pivot. This is anything but a completely verbalized showcase, yet the tilt lets you shoot above and beneath your eye-line undeniably more effectively. The best part is that you can flip it by 180 degrees to give you a chance to consider you to be as you shoot.

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The camera is great down to 10 meters (33 feet) with an IPX8 waterproof rating, shockproof up to 5 feet and dissimilar to any of the other action cams and considered to handle crushing force of about 100 lbs.

Although its software is quite complicated for a layman t yet it lets you accomplish something you can’t do with other cams -in particular, video blog to the camera while confining yourself in the shot.

The battery life may be short, in any case, can last for  60 minutes – max – between charges. In many situations, it will even neglect to meet this measure. Great job you can convey an extra on your trip.


 Hard built-in design❌ Very Expensive
 Flip-up screen❌ No OIS
 Stabilization❌ Confused  Software
 Great Image Quality


Olympus TG- Tracker

Compared to other best cams, TG-Tracker gives a touch of an odd gadget.  All things considered, it’s reduced, rough and waterproof, and the screen flips out to the side to give you an alternate perspective excluding selfies. Its an opinion choice as some will like the flip-up screen while others don’t.

Video quality is often the same as others similarly at low cost definitely makes it a succulent choice for those of you who need a decent all-rounder activity cam.

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It is stylish, heavy and has compact image range. The hard rubber design offers durability and flexibility during outdoor expeditions.  Though it’s heavy, fit it to the top of the helmet, or on the bicycle can cause a bit of jiggle and results in image destabilization.

One o feature that is not yet seen in another cam is the LED flashlight on top of it that can be used for brightness while filming in the dark. Unlike others, it comes with a lot of accessories and doesn’t need an additional casing for its water-resistant action.

 Waterproof to 30m without a case❌ Heavy and terrible manufacturing
 Offers more features and durability❌ Poor Software
 Decent price with accessories❌ Battery life drops with more usage

Sony RX0

Many believe this is an action camera but in reality, it’s a little bit more than that. Images can be captured in RAW or JPEG, and Full HD action video can be shot at up to 60fps. There’s likewise a High Frame Rate (HFR) mode that empowers Full HD yield at 1000fps. There is a 4K video alternative, however, this must be recorded to an external device.

According to Sony, the RX0 is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, and dust-proof. Its powerful manufacturing and its little size make it reasonable for shooting in harsh and difficult conditions.

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The body is made of metal, which is significant. From one point of view, it makes the body more grounded, which secures it against the sort of thumps and stuns that are normal when shooting in a hurry. For another, it’s additionally a pointer that this camera has been carefully made. It may be modest, however, the RX0 doesn’t in any capacity feel like a toy. It has a craving for something you can trust in expert opinion.

As far as picture quality, the best differential between the RX0 and the cameras we’ve pitched it against is the shading profundity. That being said, there’s little shot of it being perceptible in pictures caught under similar conditions.

It’s not so much planned to be fitted to a  head helmet or hooks on bicycles, however, plainly it beats one of the most well-known action cams around. Truth be told, it’s a solid rival against top of the line compacts with a similar size sensor. Notwithstanding, it offers a far unrivaled scope of the video includes in a small structure.

 Great Image Quality❌ Overheating
4K video to an external recorder❌ Poor Battery Life
 Stereo mics built-in, microphone socket❌ Tricky Software
 Waterproof: 10m, Shockproof: 2m


DJI Osmo

Honestly, DJI has dominated the world for more than a decade in the overwhelming qualities of point’shooting, image stabilization, and picture adjustment tech, that’s why it is called “The real ‘hero’ of stabilized video” by the experts.

It is small and an easy approach to record  4K video and smoothly moving time slips without bearing a full-sized DSLR gimbal and heavy camera gear. For the mainstream videos, this is a real image stabilizer, especially for those who hate wobbling videos.

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The DJI Osmo can nearly do anything and gimbals can get rid of the requirement for other action video camera gear as people used to bear them before. The majority of this hardware fits in the palm of your hand now.

Eventually, the Osmo Action is easy to utilize, produces astounding pictures and using the advantages from image stabilization. It ought to be appealing to vloggers searching for a rough, solid and simple arrangement. Like the GoPro, this DJI will shake out with you in the surf, at the bicycle park and when skateboarding, so it’s a perfect mate for extraordinary games as well.

 Image stabilization❌ No packed additional accessories
 4K video up to 60fps❌ Less Durability
 Easy to Use❌ Poor Audio Quality



YI 4K is a multi-featured action camera with the capacity to record 4K at 30fps. With a touch screen, easy menu and high tech this is an appealing all-rounder.

The fixed focal point offers a wide field of view, and you can likewise take photographs while recording video, using  4K mode and capture moderate movements. Manual modifications are complicated, however, it’s commonly simpler to overlook the vast majority of those and simply go with the default settings.

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YI 4K+ isn’t waterproof and requires a waterproof casing before you can take it underneath the water. Not really a major issue, however it includes an additional layer that may put you off.

YI consists of small  U3-SD cards, that works fine; a 64GB card will give you around 80 minutes of 4K recording. Notably, the YI 4K still has some remarkable preferences over others – it has a bigger touchscreen, lighter at 95g, its battery keeps going any longer, and it’s less expensive.

 4K at 30fps❌ Poor Image Stabilization
 Decent Price❌ Only waterproof with casing
Touchscreen❌ Terrible Voice Control


GoPro Hero5 Black

Hero5 Black still highlights the best action camera line-up on the grounds that it offers a numerous amount of features at a moderate cost. Video can be recorded up to 4K at 30fps, and the cam additionally snaps in RAW format.

This GoPro highlight has a  two-inch touchscreen,. GPS analyze the location and the action cam currently uses image stabilization for nailing rich smooth shots. Similarly as with all GoPro action cameras, the Hero5 Black interfaces with a cell phone application for remote control, picture sneak peeks and video playback. There are likewise small scale USB, smaller-scale HDMI, and a micro-USB port.

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Battery life changes relying upon what settings you’re utilizing, yet you can hope to go anyplace between one to three hours use for each full charge. It’s waterproof to 10-meters without casing. It’s similarly as sturdy, as well, so it can endure some truly fierce scratches and thumps during recording.

4K video with stabilization❌ Doesn’t feel Handy
 Beautiful Design❌ Complicated Software
 Easy to Use❌ No packed additional accessories
 Water-Resistant❌ Touch difficult to use



A hard built-in broadly highlighted numerous features, and lavishly expensive device GoPro Fusion shoots shocking 5.2K round video up to 30fps n 3K resolution at 60 frames per second by means of double fish eye focal points front and back.

GoPro’s capture programming software is unimaginably sharp and complicated as well. For example, processing can take up a long time, sometimes the initial process couldn’t work during paring with a smartphone.  For playback, the carefully settled film from the two focal points is hooked together. Picture quality is great and it’s conceivable to explore each edge of your video through the application or with VR goggles.

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It’s built for the outdoors, for instance, it’s waterproof to five meters, so you can take it onto the water. That ought to satisfy anybody meaning to utilize it for outrageous water-sports, and for skiers needing to catch the action of sliding. It additionally shows up outstandingly intensely worked, with a rubberized external shell, adjusted corners, and sideboards that have a worked in hold strip.


 Image Stabilisation❌ No live streaming
 Excellent Video Quality❌ Heavy and large in size
 Flexible and Water resistant❌ Software issues


Go Xtreme Endurance

Like most of the action cams, the GoXtreme Endurance is small. The dim and-dark activity action camera measures in at a generally little 59 x 24 x 40mm and weighs in about  662g, making it around a similar size as any of the other action cams. Despite the fact that not at all like the previously mentioned action cams, the GoXtreme Endurance includes a plastic body that feels entirely modest in the hand.

It shoots up-to 4k resolution but in reality, the top resolution is 2.7K, at 30fps. It’s also possible to shoot Full HD at 30 and 60fps. Motion images can be captured up to 12-megapixels which clearly likewise utilizes addition in light of the fact that there aren’t sufficient local pixels on the sensor.

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This tiny action cam has a waterproof casing up-to 30m with a 2-inch display. Battery life is subject to settings and outside temperature – under ideal conditions up to 90 min. Video recordings have a most extreme time breaking point of 29 mins (or document size*) at which point the camera will naturally quit recording.

 4k at 30fps❌ Limited Recording timelapse
 Decent Price❌ 32 GB SD card maximum
 Water Resistant up to 30m


GoPro Hero7 BLACK

The Hero7 Black was granted the best action Camera grant at the T3 Awards 2019, apparently the most significant of which is an adjustment at 4K60 (more on that in no time). With capable of excellent 4k shooting at 60fps, its hyper-smooth image stabilization, and impressive recording range, this is perfect for enthusiastic adventures.

There’s a touchscreen on the back of the Hero7 Black, which has likewise been improved for smoother motions, and you can likewise utilize your voice to control its activity. This is helpful in circumstances where you can’t physically control the Hero7 effectively, for example, when it’s mounted to your helmet during climbing or riding, or fixed on your bikes. Another important feature is the TimeWarp video function, plus the accurate face, smile and scene detection.

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It is waterproof up to 10m but this can expand to the depth of 30m with an additional casing. The battery life is about 3 hrs but in reality, it’ll get around with continuous recording of at least 2 hrs of 4k. With the current video settings of recording in 1080p at 30fps, the battery will remain fully charged and operational.

 4k Stabilisation❌ Very Expensive
 Great image quality❌ Fixed Focal Length
 Voice Control❌ Terrible Handling


GoPro Hero

Just by taking a glimpse at Hero versus any of these other higher-end models, one would be unable to differentiate between them. The Hero keeps up the same grayish-black design, a power/mode button on one side, and a click on the top to take pictures and begin recording.

Just like Hero 5, it is capable of recording 4k at 30fps, and the cam additionally snaps in RAW format. Similarly as with all GoPro action cameras, the Hero interfaces with a cell phone application for remote control, picture sneak peaks and video playback. There’s likewise small scale USB, smaller-scale HDMI, and a micro-USB port.

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The Hero has a similar structure as GoPro’s top-notch models likewise implies it’s waterproof down to an exceptional depth of 10m without the requirement for an extra case. The average battery life is about 2.5hrs but how long GoPro battery will last depends upon a number of factors but can last for 1.5 hrs with continual video shooting in 1080p at 30fps.

 Point and shoot Stabilization❌  No Zoom In
 Responsive Controls❌  Complicated Software
 Good Battery Life❌  App usage drains the battery more quickly
 Raw Format



In case you’re on the chase for GoPro-coordinating 4K 60fps goals at a cut of the cost of our main activity camera, the SJ8 Pro is a commendable contender. This stealthy cam offers a lot of other goals choices as well, including 1080p 120 and 720p 240 for catching pro-slo-mo shots.

This camera’s best feature is the 8x advanced zoom work, available to catch those extraordinary action close-ups. To top everything off, 6-hub picture adjustment helps smooth out film during the bumpiest exercises.

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The waterproof casing is somewhat heavy being used, with a switch lock framework that can be dubious to work, however, this is as yet an extraordinary choice to consider, particularly at the cost. The SJCAM Battery is a 900mAh limit battery assessed to last somewhere in the range of 70 and an hour and a half all things considered. It charges in-camera through USB, and the charging procedure is assessed to take 3.5 hours.

It may come up short on the voice control and local waterproofing of the GoPro Hero7 Black, yet the SJ8 Pro is an extraordinary little shooter if the video quality is the principal necessity of your next activity camera.


 4K video at 60fps❌  Battery drains quickly on 4k mode
 Excellent video quality❌  Additional Waterproof casing
 Touch screen
 Multiple video features



The TomTom Bandit is the ideal, small size cam fit to be tied to the side of your head protector when you’re mountain biking, snowboarding or going mud romping. The TomTom Bandit has GPS, accelerometer, gyrator and weight sensors, and these are utilized by the cell phone application’s to automatically select the features from your recording.

Likewise, the goals; 4K at 15fps isn’t incredible, and powerful moderate movement must be performed in under HD goals, yet neither one of the wills be major issues for most. The Bandit is positively one of the heaviest in our best activity camera manage, however, it’s anything but difficult to utilize and catches an incredible film.

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There’s no waterproofing, however, the splash-proof lens will be sufficient for most clients and a 40m cover lens is accessible. When the battery is fully charged,  TomTom Bandit can be used for continuous recording at 1080p 30fps for up to three hours. If you are recording at 1080p 60fps, then the battery life should be 2 hours when continuously recording.

 Auto-edit video❌  Heavy to handle
 Easy to use❌  Shape little bit confusing
 Beautiful design❌  Only splash-proof


The Verb is smart with GPS and movement sensors, and the Verb Ultra 30 expands on that with digital 3-axis picture adjustment, a 1.75-inch touchscreen, GPS catch, amazing microphones, and a G-sensor.

Video quality is great with 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps, and the Wi-Fi association and perfect application are all well built-in. Voice control is one of the Ultra 30’s key highlights. You can tell it to begin, stop or interruption recording, just as “recollect that” to make explicit occasions simpler.

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It’s waterproof to 50m without a case and can withstand temperatures as low as – 10ºC, yet this activity camera isn’t simply made for extreme nature. However, battery life is approximately 2hrs depends upon usage and other video modes.

  4k point’n shoot❌  Lacks image stabilization
  Voice control❌  Additional Waterproof casing
  Multiple video features❌  Poor battery life
  Robust design


GoPro Hero 6 Black

Due to its 4K video at 60fps, this cam is difficult to beat.

There’s a touchscreen on the back of the Hero 6 Black, which has likewise been improved for smoother motions, and you can likewise utilize your voice to control its activity. This GoPro highlight has a  two-inch touchscreen,. GPS analyze the location and the action cam currently uses image stabilization for nailing rich smooth shots.

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Its waterproof design up to 10m makes it insanely usable without external casing. he battery life is about 3 hrs but in reality, it’ll get around with continuous recording of at least 2 hrs of 4k. With the current video settings of recording in 1080p at 30fps, the battery will remain fully charged and operational.

 4K video with stabilization❌ Confusing Software
  Voice Control❌ Not fit to be handy
 Water-resistant❌ Touch doesn’t work sometimes
  Easy to Use



The Sony 4K Action Camera is intended to be multiple times more steady than past Sony action cams, on account of cutting edge SteadyShot framework. A ZEISS focal point guarantees your video is sharp and free from glare. The FDR-X3000R also has the ability to shoot very good 4K at 30fps, which isn’t too far off today’s flagship despite its age.

One major bit of leeway to this activity camera is the built-in measure. This decreases wind clamor noise so the sound on your recordings ought to be clear. This could be especially critical to those of you searching for a camera to take on hills and hiking adventures.

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The Sony 4K Action Camera likewise has a waterproof case, small scale HMDI yield, smaller scale USB, and a microSD card opening, so you’re fully operational straight out of the container. Sony long lasts the battery life for 115 minutes with continuous recording for 1080p, and 50 minutes for 4K.

✓ Tactical design❌ Costly
  3x digital zoom for close-up shots❌ Short battery life
  Multi-featured❌ Lacks frame shots
  Comes with additional accessories


Nikon Key Mission 360

Nikon is the main player in action cam market cause its different from others. VR is awesome, and in case that you’re keen on making vivid action recordings, at that point something like the Key Mission 360 is a decent decision to empower you to do only that. As the name proposes, it has a totally circular field of view – so you better ensure you’re not pulling any interesting countenances when recording your motion pictures.

It boasts 4k video quality. As there’s no space for a screen or a gigantic exhibit of catches, you’ll have to make settings changes by means of an application which is kind of let down for Key Mission.

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It’s waterproof up to 30m depth, and also a shock absorber which is a plus point for most of the climbers and hikers. They charge in about 2.5 hours and can power the camera for approximately 120 minutes.

  360* video mode with instant upload❌  Not reliable
  Removable battery❌  Short battery life
  Easy to use❌  Confusing still image capture
  Water and Shock Resistant


The thing about action camera is that it is for the people that value adventures and enthusiasm. It also has features that show the speed you are travelling at instantaneously, so it appears to be a smart choice for cyclists, riders and hikers. The main interest is how good an action cam is and how it will have an influence in the future??? The best possible way is to visit websites and read about what you want to purchase. Another way is to read the specs of action cams exploring more about these little gadgets.

Usually, a purchase is based on certain features such as image stabilization, good battery life, size, and water-proofing. Despite the fact that there are many activity cameras out there that have these features, a considerable lot of them aren’t generally easy to use and have issues particularly during the connectivity.

Action Video Cams Buyers’ Guide

What is a good action camera? How to record an action video? That’s the question that arises in the mind when one buy an action cam. Is it good? Did I get it right? How’s the video quality? What features does it have?

Right off the bat, good action cameras have stunning video quality. The most recent GoPro and has a 4K modes that can record 30fps, giving you that true to life, sharp and fresh image. Other action cams out there that can perform with the same fps and resolution, yet despite everything, it is still difficult to decide which action cam is good or normal.

Long before the action camera was introduced, different techniques were used to capture image and sparkle the creative mind. It is exceptionally difficult to exactly figure out who was the first to give the “idea of action cams” however there are many individuals who attempted to stand out from the group and delivered diverse sort of recordings – action videos or live recording.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Action Video Recording Cam

Image Stabilization: Many action cams with normal price would have image stabilization mode for capturing photos and videos and this video adjustment modes are typically uncommon as they require considerably more complex software. Yet two cams fulfill this in a proper way SONY FDR-X3000 4K and Go Pro Hero 5. This component is significant in light of the fact that with it, the recordings caught by the camera would be smooth and clear and no additional altering would be required which can be a problem in some case.

Data Sensors: Action cams nowadays don’t generally incorporate various sensors to follow different information, for example, speed, orientation, direction, and so forth. It feels this is on the grounds that they don’t understand the significance of this and henceforth do exclude it in their cameras.

Battery Life: The battery life of some action cams long lasts for 2-3 hrs while others can last for only 1 hr. Battery power relies upon the features upheld, how high video mode is and how good interior battery is. This is one of the main reason to look at before buying an action cam. 

Water Resistance: People probably wonder what action camera is best suited for water sports. Many action cams can be submerged deep down into the water. These are waterproof up to 30m depth, and also a shock absorber which is a good point for most of the climbers and hikers. Make sure to check the water resistance rating before buying.

Cost: To buy any gadget, the main feature to look at is its cost. Is the cost worth it? Is it Cheap? These are concerned with video quality, features, and software.

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