20 Best Board Games during Coronavirus Quarantine

Best board games

We know that coronavirus is trending nowadays. Its an epidemic and till now no vaccines have been made that can fully eradicate it. Now almost all of us are locked down. It means no outdoor sports, no social interaction unless its social media.

Now, what can you do at home? well, you can learn creative things, spend time with your family or you can play amazing board games. Today I will cover 20 board games that are worth playing during the coronavirus quarantine.

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens Board Game

Starting from the Exploding Kittens creators, Throw Throw Burrito is the first dodgeball card/board game! You need to collect matching cards sets cards faster than your enemy while at the same time, you need duck, dodge, and throw soft fluffy squishy airborne burritos. The cards collected earn your points, but if you get hit by flying burritos, your chances of getting to lose increases.

Now you can steal points from your enemy/opponents when you hit them with your squishy foam burritos. Don’t forget to declare war on your own friends, brawl it out with your nearby neighbor, or duel to determine the winner.

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens - A Dodgeball Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Games - Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids
  • Includes 7 tokens,120 cards and 2 CUTE foam burritos
  • Number of players 2-6
  • Family-friendly best board game

Jenga Classic Game

Pull out a block but don’t crash the stack to win at Jenga. It includes a tacking sleeve with instructions and 54 Jenga hardwood blocks. You can challenge your friends, family or yourself. This one of the best board games because it’s simple but captivating.

You need skills, luck and strategy if you want to outmatch others. Winning is easy as you just have to remove a block without making your stack to crash. You can win even as the last player in this game.

Jenga Classic Game
  • Can play with your friends
  • Can play solo
  • Great party best board game

7 Wonders

The game has almost three ages. You play the ages similarly. Each player has the opportunity to have 6 cards so that they can make their own city. Players draw a card that is rotated around the table; each player can examine all the cards.

If you want to experience those best board games, that have action figures in it. Then give this game a try. Each player compares its military strength with its opponent in a near neighboring city in the game.

At the end of the third age, players calculate their points with respect to their cards and as well as military conflicts. If you have the most point, you are the winner.

7 wonders board game, a strategy game which will take you to the challenging environment
  • Imported board game
  • Best board game in terms of strategy
  • 3-7 players


This is the board game for adults. 17+ are eligible to play this game. The game is very easy to play. You have to compete with your friends/family or opponents in order to create the memes that are funny. You use your dealt caption cards and caption the photo card in every round.

In order to win, you have to pick the card that synchronizes with the judge’s sense of humor. The judge will crown the winner in the end. This game is a blast and fun. You literally cry from laughing.

  • 435 cards.
  • 360 of these are caption cards
  • 75 are photo cards
  • Not appropriate for kids
  • Best board game for adults

Catan The Board Game

This is the award-winning, popular and civilization-building best board game. This is where you harvest and trade your resources. Players control their own civilization and let it grow. The happier your civilization, the more points you earn.

You should be alert during the game and have information about the robber’s nefarious plan. This is necessary as he steals away your resources and gathers your wealth. People with 10+ age are eligible to play. 3-4 players can play and do not let anyone play a monopoly card on you.

Cartan the board game where you build a civilization and let it grow for points earning
  • Time duration 60 minutes
  • 14 years and up can play
  • Simple and straightforward rules to learn this game

Wit’s End Board Game

I don’t play this game because this is made for genius people and I am not as genius my brothers :D. However, if you love to answer complicated questions and want o play something challenging. Then this amazing and best board game is made for you.

There are many categories starting from the teaser category, which will blast your mind with complex riddles. Then there is the ODD1OUT category, in which you are given the hints and terms.

My favorite one is the SEQUENCE Category, where you list countries with respect to thier population and dates. The last one is the WILD CARD Category, where the clock ticks and you are filled with surprises.

Wit's End board game where you enjoy answering complicated questions related to history, geography and countries
  • 1200 questions related to history, sciences, countries and others
  • 15+ are eligible
  • Fun to play
  • Your favorites civilization game

Scythe Board Game

It’s the 1920s in this game and there is no time to rest. The first great war has left the darkness and the unburied ashes. The capitalistic city-state called The Factory, had fueled the war with heavily lethal and heavy weapons. However now, it has shut down its doors, drawing the attention of many neighbor countries.

Now gain access to the hidden treasure and encounter cards that you will draw when you interact with the people of discovered lands. For a temporary boost in combat, you need to have combat cards. Do not go for the wrong choices. There is so much to love this game. This is one of the curious best board game and takes you in the past so that you can safe the future.

Scythe Board Game
  • 115-minute game
  • 1-5 Players
  • Ages 13+
  • The game has rules so you can play solo as well

Peaceable Kingdom Space Escape Cooperative Strategy Game for Big Kids

So many sneaky and stubborn snakes have infiltrated our Mole Rats’ Space Station! In this board game, all the players have to work and cooperate. This way you can aid the Mole Rats to make it to their way out from the pod before the deadline reaches!

Climb the ladders that come in your way, move down from airshafts… and yes one more thing, don’t let the snakes bite you! If the Mole Rats escape, everyone wins! This is my favorite familial best board game.

Peaceable Kingdom Space Escape Cooperative Strategy Game for Big Kids
  • Playfulness
  • 2-4 players
  • 51 cards, 20 tokens
  • 4 plastic mole rat movers
  • Family board game
  • Challenging board game

Trivial Pursuit: Friends The TV Series Edition Trivia Party Game(Amazon Exclusive)

I truly believe that there is not even a single person on earth who didn’t enjoy watching friends. I have spent my childhood with this inspiring series. Now there are many questions on the cards. You can test your knowledge based on the series by playing this game.

This compact and portal game becomes exciting when you have a party at your place and your friends gather. This game can also be bought as a gift. Now you can make your loved ones happy on their birthdays, new year or any other national holiday.

Trivial Pursuit: Friends The TV Series Edition Trivia Party Game; 600 Trivia Questions for Tweens and Teens Ages 12 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • 600 questions
  • 11+ are eligible to play
  • Doesn’t have an actual board
  • Challenging trivia board game

First Contact

The general theme of this amazing and best board game is that you interact with alienated species and break down the language barrier so that you can communicate with ease. The game is really confusing, complex but challenging.

Everyone has the card having symbols and words. The alien’s symbols are diversified and vary while the human symbols are the same. Humans share their secret words with the help of pictures. The aliens try to understand the human’s words with the help of hieroglyphs.

If the aliens match a word to their respective picture or the humans then both gains a score. If aliens reach 3 points firsts, they win but if a human reaches 5 points first, he/she wins. Hurry up, and play with this trivia board game.

First contact board game where you defeat aliens with specific language
  • 11+ are eligible to play
  • 2 to 7 players
  • Time duration 15 to 40 minutes

Magnetic Ludo Traditional Board Brain Game 25 X 25 cm new in Box

I have been playing a ludo board game for almost a decade now and I never get bored of it. There is an online ludo game as well but playing on the hardboard has its own charm. The game brings friends and family together.

Ludo is played throughout the world. The gaming board and chips are magnetic which causes fewer disruptions during jiggles and bumps. However, the game doesn’t include instructions or container for the dice.

Magnetic Ludo Traditional Board Brain Game 25 X 25 cm new in Box
  • 1 magnetic game board
  • 16 magnetics chips
  • 1 dice
  • 2-4 players can play
  • Best board game for your kids

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Game Set – Medium Sized Set – Portable with Built-in Storage

Snake and ladder board game is something which is globally loved. This board game is something that you can play with friends and family. The case is well made and the magnet is strong so it causes less disruption. The board also folds in half and stored playing pieced inside itself.

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Game Set - Medium Sized Set - Portable with Built-in Storage
  • Perfect for all ages
  • 2 or more players can play this game
  • Simple and trivia board game

Hasbro Parker Brother Wooden Board Games, Monopoly, Clue Plus 6 Other Board Games

Everyone here knows about this monopoly game. My childhood was based on this game. I have played its online version but I enjoy game board more. I normally play this with my parents, siblings and sometimes friends we all enjoy a lot.

In this game, you need to earn money. With the help of the money, you buy different lands on which you can make hotels and houses. Your opponents landing on your land has to pay the tax. The more tax you collect, the richer you get and conquer all the lands.

Hasbro Parker Brother Wooden Board Games, Monopoly, Clue Plus 6 Other Board Games
  • It comes with monopoly money, hotels, homes, Metal Token and dice
  • More than 1 person can play
  • Great family trivia board game
  • Children can also play

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired

This best board game was inspired by the FORTNITE and yes now you can play this game at home on the board. Each game player has to claim battle opponents, locations. Now in order for you to survive, you need to dodge the storm.

Instead of gaining monopoly money, you gain health points. The more health points you earn, the luckier you are. At the beginning of the game, you need to select your character and its outfit. Then you go through your battle journey.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game Ages 13 & Up
  • 2 to 7 players
  • 12+ can play
  • 27 Fortnite outfits
  • Select the player of their choice

Winning Moves Games Pretty Princess Board Game

Many little girls are really into princesses and barbies. I am happy to say that there are trivia board game even for them as well. Pretty Pretty Princess board game doesn’t need any reading or complex counting. It also doesn’t come up with mechanical or electrical components.

This is the delightful dress-up board game for kids. In the beginning, you spin the spinner to see who can go first in the game. You need to collect the complete set of jewelry in the game. You win if you have a crown and complete jewelry.

Winning Moves Games Pretty Princess Board Game
  • 20-25 minutes to play
  • No reading required
  • Family trivia game
  • Cooperative board gameplay

Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent not Required

If you are like me, who upon hearing a particular word, starts singing then you would love this board game. This game is perfect for a small, large group, family members and friends. Now you can enjoy your day or night with the board game.

Can you think of a song, with the word “mountain” in it? well if you do, then you have to sing within the first 15 seconds. You can sing, just 5 words with a mountain in it. After singing you roll a dice on the board. When you land on certain spaces, you take out the card and complete a challenge.

Spontaneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It - Talent not Required
  • Simple to play
  • Age 8+ are eligible
  • No singing skills needed
  • Perfect gift for karaoke lovers

Chessboard game

chess is a two-player best board game, played on a checkered board. There is 8×8 grid and 64 squares. Million of people play this game worldwide. It is believed that Chess is derived from the Indian game chaturanga even before the 7th century.

The hand-carved wood chess pieces have a magnetic attraction towards the board. This won’t allow the chess pieces to fall off during the game. This gaming board is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere due to its size.

Challenging Chess board game
  • 2 extra queens are included in the package
  • Non-boring game
  • kid’s intelligence is enhanced
  • Folding board

FENGSHUAI Powerful Magnet Darts, Rolled Up 6 Magnets Darts 

I play this trivia board in my room even when I am alone, The arrow shooting board hangs on my wall. It has a magnetic attraction, that catches the arrow thrown at it. The arrows stay there ( attached to a board) perpendicular unless removed.

This can be played anywhere and can be hung to the place of your interest. This is my favorite best board game because it is the perfect way to improve children’s hand-eye coordination and as well as movements. When I was a kid, this used to be my favorite board game.

Scrabble board game

Scrabble trivia board game, is the game which is played globally. I don’t see any harm playing this game. This enhances your thinking ability, decision making and increase your vocabulary. This game takes longer and you have to link each alphabet to make a word.

You can also get the bonus point when you place letters on premium squares. Double letter. Triple word. You have to play words with high scoring.  Choose a word, and try to land on the triple-word score. You don’t have to be an expert to play this game.

Scrabble board game
  • A solo player can play
  • More than 1 player can play
  • Package has a board, 4 tile racks, 100 wooden letter tiles,  1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
  • Many ways to play

Mini Tabletop Table Soccer

This mini soccer portable best board game can be carried anywhere and you can play it with your friend and family. If you love football games and can’t play it outside then why not play it at your own home.

This game enhances your eye and hand coordination, by using spring action flippers to shoot your soccer balls. In my home, both adults and kids enjoy this game. You are never old to have fun while playing this.

Buyer’s Guide of Board Games

A great and health activity

It’s better to play games like these so that we don’t spend time on screen. These awesome and best board games are fun and you don’t need to worry about the internet or your gadgets. Since my country is locked down due to coronavirus, so I play games like these.

Learning games

Many of the trivia board games have lessons. e.g scrabble game where you learn about new vocabularies. There is also a game called wits game, where you learn about countries, their history and geographic location.

Family interaction

Best board games for family interaction

During Coronavirus Quarantine, you interact with your family members more. Its time to maximum memories, talk, share stories and play games together. Trust me I have never laughed much in my life unless I play these games with my parents and siblings.

Strategy games

Strategy games are awesome. Yes, they are tiresome, time-consuming and can give you a headache but they enhance your decision-making ability. If you want your kids to make better choices at the accurate time then motivate them for these board games.

Benefits of trivia board games

Lessons learned from trivia board games

Well, there are many. You spend more time with your blood relations. They increase cooperation and install patients in you. My time management ability has increased by playing these board games.


These are just a few of the treasure best board games that I have covered. There are many. You can select the board game-based on your aptitude and interest. Yes, sometimes you are alone at home and have nothing to do. In such times, you can play solo board games.

Eat good, exercise and stay healthy. If bored, try to avoid screen time and have fun with these board games. The online store is filled with them. If you are a game lover or movie lover, there are many board games that are inspired by them.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Master Edition Trivia Board Game for Adults and Teens Ages 16 and Up(Amazon Exclusive)
The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game comes with a timer to keep up the pace
$39.99 −$5.70 $34.29
Bestseller No. 2
...I should have known that! Trivia Game
Age: 14+ / Players 2+
Bestseller No. 3
Wit's End Board Game
In SEQUENCE, put things in order (by year, weight, size etc); in WILD CARD, anything goes.
SaleBestseller No. 4
University Games Smart Ass The Ultimate Trivia Board Game for Families & Adults Ages 12 & Up, The Perfect Tabletop Game For Parties & Events, Model:1360
A fast-paced party game for 2 - 6 players, ages 12 and up; New Edition: All New Questions in 2017
$24.99 −$5.72 $19.27

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