DesignEvo Review: Free Online Logo Maker with 6000+ Templates

Either it’s your own individual project or you are working for an organization. Designevo allows you to design free professional logos. Designevo is very simple in it’s and user-friendly in its use. This is a wonderful app for those who are not looking for some expensive and difficult software to design their next logo.

This logo design app is loaded with tonnes of free logo templates you can choose from. Logo templates are organized in the form categories such as Education, Technology, Organization, Pets and Foods etc.

How to Desing a Logo

  1. Go to the

Designevo Interface - Free Logo maker

2. Choose the template you want to use. There are around 6000+ templates available to choose from. All of them are categorized such as Abstract, Animal & Pet and others. There is a popular category as well where you can see what other people are using. Surely you don’t want to use from that category if you want your logo to be a unique one.

DesignEvo Logo Details

3. Add the details of your logo such as your logo name and tagline or company slogan. Try to keep it simple, straight and small in length. Bigger logo names and taglines don’t look good. You can also skip this step for later.

Design Evo Logo Preferences

This page gives you tonnes of customizations to your logo. Such as following

  • Choose the Font Style of your Logo
  • Reposition the Logo
  • Change the size vector
  • Customize the size of the font as per your need

Get Free Lifetime Membership on EvoDesgin

While downloading the logo, you will be asked to choose the package to subscribe. You can always choose the free package. But to our readers at Techooid, we are giving two free coupons for the lifetime membership.

Win Free Lifetime Membership


Here how to redeem them. 

1. login to DesignEvo and click “Make a Free Logo” button on the homepage to start

2. Create and customize your logo on the editing canvas

3. Click the Download button on the top right once you finish a logo

3. On the popup pricing page, choose Plus package

4. Redeem the code on next checkout pane by click “Have a coupon” button


If you any queries or feedback about this wonderful logo maker tool, Please share with us.

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