06 comments on “10 Ways to Download Research Papers Free Legally

  • Benish , Direct link to comment

    I’d like to add about sci-Hub website which I use personally but I don’t know whether its legal or not.

    • Haseeb , Direct link to comment

      Dear Beenish, thank you for your contribution.
      This is an illegal website causing a lot of damage to Academic Publishing and researchers as well.

      • Haseeb , Direct link to comment

        Dear Nasia,
        Please use above methods to download research papers for free

  • biastee , Direct link to comment

    “Email – Contacting the Correspondence author for Free Copy of Paper”

    I have encountered authors who refused because they think I was trying to avoid paying the download fees. In reality, I have both institutional and personal access to the papers but internet glitches prevented me from downloading them. What I am trying to point out here is that asking from the authors only works sometime.

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