Easy Way To Publish Video And Photos On Instagram

Instagram is all about photos and videos, but there’s a way to make the best use out of it. There are some noteworthy tools available, which help you with direct Instagram publishing in here. One such tool that keeps on growing in demand is Sendible. This true tool is perfect to help you publish video and photos on Instagram in the easiest possible manner.

Many people have been waiting for this update for a long time, and you might be wondering what it actually means. Right now, Instagram is currently phasing out the older version of API platform. It is making some new improvements, where the third party services are there to extend way in which you can easily publish content to the IG platform.

Posting the information directly

Now you get the opportunity to post directly to Instagram by just setting up the IG business profile within Sendible as the new service. At present, IG is actually allowing some significant formats only for the direct scheduling. Those are single photos under .PNG and .JPG files, and vides under .MP4 and .MOV files. For just scheduling the carousel posts, you have the liberty to publish the multiple videos and photos through the current push-notification procedure. It works great with the mobile application.

Learning about the features of Sendible

Now, you have the liberty to actually check out the features of Sendible first before you actually plan to get hold of this tool now, if you are related to the Instagram world. Without wasting time further, it is mandatory to get in line with the features first and then get to the packages.

  • You get the chance to plan your strategy and content under one place. Create some effortless content through this tool and centralize on how you get to manage social media for the brands. Try scheduling the post rather individually and in queue evergreen content for its high-end promotion.
  • Now you have the liberty to just plan content for weeks before even starting the scheduling process of your posts. The calendar for content has been well upgraded to help you see the posts you have saved as drafts and even looking for those posts, waiting for approval.
  • Get the opportunity to preview the social media posts. Now you can see how these posts will get to look before you can actually publish it on Twitter, LinkedIn, FB or Instagram.
  • It will actually take you a few minutes to create meaningful reports, in place of wasting hours for the same. You get to see how social media efforts are actually paying off. It will include follower growth, top posts per network and best posting time, to deal with.
  • Now, it is time to create more engaged and stronger communities with the present social listening. You get the chance to engage with audiences on some social networking sites for improving engagement and also to build a community. Once you get to communicate with audience well, get free Instagram likes with ease then.

Developed some automation tools, coming handy

Sendible came with some of the best automation tools. When it is on Twitter, users now have the right to just create a set of automatic replies, welcome messages and re-tweets, which are perfect for running a campaign with ease. You can use promotion, unique hashtags and get to participate in any event too. However, the recently developed tool is just way better when compared to Hootsuite and there are other tools which will search for posts with likes and hashtags. If you want, you can follow the post’s profile automatically and follow the same if they don’t get to follow back within a span of 24 hours.

Another new addition is the Report Hub, which will help you to create some accurate and stunning social media report, taking place in less than 15 minutes. This form of addiction is well supported by all the major social media networks and available on all possible plans, even on Lite. Such reports will provide you with an entire view of the available social media activities, which include top posts, engagement and top followers as presented in a neat manner. There’s a customized report builder too, which comes with 250+ modules that help you to prove ROI to our clients easily.

Perfect for all

Sendible is perfect for agencies, individuals and smaller businesses, which help in engaging well with customers across various channels and just at the same time. This tool will help the users to just track the results and measure the efforts with a powerful form of monitoring tools and social media analytics. Even though the main concern is with Instagram followers, but you get the opportunity to take help of this tool for any social media platform now.

Starting price, platform and more

The starting price of this Sendible pack will be at $29 per month. You can install it anywhere on Cloud, Web, SaaS, Mobile as on iOS Native and mobile under Android Native as well. If you are using this tool for the first time, you better want to check in with its usability. You can get any training in person, through webinars or live online and even documentation.

  • Under the social CRM tool, Sendible helps you with email marketing, customer support, lead nurturing and marketing automation integration. You further get the chance to enjoy social media monitoring and sentiment analysis as some of the other features to consider in here.
  • On the other hand, if you are planning for social media analytics tool help, then Sendible comprises of customizable reports, lead attribution, engagement tracking, post scheduling and multi-channel data collection, as some leading help.

The features mentioned above are enough to prove the importance this Sendible holds now. If you need to know more about it, log online and get impressive help with it. Once you start using the tool, you will come to find its beauty and uniqueness for sure. It takes time to settle with the best tool but it is worth every second invested.

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