Effective Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Web Design

You must let your customers know the social media sites you are on to implement it in your web design strategy. You must make sure that the visitors to your website can see the social networks you are on. This will enable them to share your contents and products socially.

You must know where to place the social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others so that you get more real Instagram likes. Follow the good rule of thumb to make it more visible placing them where the social buttons are. This will ensure that more users interact with them.

  • The ‘Follow’ icons must be located within the header or footer of your website and on every page preferably. This is perhaps the easiest way to stay connected as social media profiles are the most important source of information to all users.
  • The ‘share’ and ‘like’ icons must feature on every blog post as well as the web pages that you think is valuable to share information.
  • Also include a call to action such as ‘like,’ ‘follow,’ ‘join the discussion’ and others. The reason to include a call to action button is that everyone is more inclined to click on the social icons if only you tell them to.
  • You must also make sure that the social media icons are so designed that it matches with the feel and style of your website. Also, make sure to incorporate details that will catch the eye of the visitors. This will even increase the chances that the viewer will click on the social links.

Allow social logins

To make it easier to connect with your website and establish a conversation with you, it is important that you allow social logins. You may not need to set up your login if you do not want to but it is imperative that you enable the visitors to log in with their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Create an internal community using tools and apps and others to have a great opportunity to share specialized content of your company with the users and connect with them. This will also shorten the registration process to log in as opposed to the registration forms. Eventually, it will result in an increase in the rate of conversation rate.

Make it media friendly

Another great way to get more free Instagram likes to make it social media friendly. Right from the code to the content, all should complement well with the social media user experience.

  • In place of static contents use variable contents that will feed on different sources such as blog and social media feeds, news feeds and other category driven areas.
  • Also, make sure that the content is shareable so that it is not very difficult for the user to ‘like’ it or ‘tweet’ it. Use different social media share buttons available for this purpose.

Lastly, make sure that you incorporate reviews and embed videos wherever applicable to the website to increase conversion rates.

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