Full Body Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Worth It?

Full body laser hair removal

Are you tired of removing your hair again and again? Does your hair cream removal cause skin inflammation? Are you afraid of waxing because it hurts so much? Then let me tell you one thing, think of doing full body laser hair removal. This is the only way to get rid of that hair which you don’t want on your body.

Now again the question that comes in people’s minds, Is laser hair remover worth it.

The answer is not very simple as it depends on your body, your hair and other factors as well. Don’t worry guys, I will share with you everything and make every description simple.

I will try to cover hair laser removal form every aspect and try to answer all the questions that come in your mind. So keep on reading this article. We will also discuss if this process healthy for you or not.

So now coming to the main topic. The majority of us wanted to have full body laser hair removal procedures at some stage of life. For a cost point of view, if you compare waxing and hair removal cost throughout life, Laser hair removal is still very economical. So it’s better to spend on it once than spending on the hair removal products again and again that doesn’t even decrease your body hair.

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How does Laser hair removal procedure work

Describing laser hair removal procedure

  1. Your body produces the pigment melanin
  2. This melanin absorbs the light emitted by a laser
  3. This light energy is converted into heat
  4. This heat destroys the hair growth center in the hair follicle.
  5. This will cause hair follicle not to produce hair

Will laser hair removal procedure work on you

It depends on your body. If you have light skin and dark hair, then this will work on you. However, if you have dark skin, then there are fewer chances for this to work on you. Dark skin has more melanin than white skin, so the skin absorbs the light more than hair. This causes skin inflammation and damage.

Don’t worry you guys, this is 21st century so there is laser hair removal for the dark skin as well.

Types of Laser Hair removal

There are many types of laser hair removal procedure clinically. Not necessary that all of these treatments suit you. We all have different skin texture, type and skin color. Before selecting any laser hair removal method, have a depth understanding of the different types of laser procedures.

1) Aldrite hair removal lasers

Laser hair removal procedure for white to olive skin

This one uses a wavelength of 755nm (short wavelength). It has good results but can give you a lot of pain. This is the least comfortable. It can target melanin in the hair follicle accurately. This works best on people having white to olive skin.

There are few things which you should know about this

  • FDA hasn’t approved the home-based Aldrite hair removal lasers yet
  • It is safe and effective for hair removal
  • Also used to remove tattoos, age spots, vascular birthmarks and spider veins

2) Ruby hair removal laser

Painless Laser Hair Removal Procedure

This was among the first procedure that came for hair reduction. It is ideal for removing thin and light hair. This is not recommended for those having darker skin tones. To reduce discomfort, Ruby hair removal laser uses long pauses between laser pulses. This means it takes more time to reduce hair growth.

  • It is less painful and fewer chances of skin burn
  • Hairs are removed for a longer period of time
  • The hair which is regrown is thinner and light

3) Diode Hair Removal Lasers

Laser Hair Removal Procedure for Dark Skin Tone

Here diodes are used to create the laser beam that is of longer wavelength. This penetrates the hair follicle very deep. This is suitable for darker skin types and thick hair. It has a cooling technology that maintains the temperature of your skin. The laser hair removal procedure also has painless technology inside it.

4) IPL laser hair removal

It uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is a laser type. When the pulsing thermal energy is absorbed by the melanin hair follicle, photothermolysis is initiated. The pulsing duration, energy level and wavelength are customizable.

5) Nd:Yag hair removal laser

Best Full Body Laser Hair Removal

This is preferable for the darker skin. It uses the darker wavelength which can go through the epidermis and reach the melanin in hair follicles. Since the laser seeks the concentrated melatonin so it has no effect on light hair.

It is painful than the others and a lot of times doesn’t achieve the long term results. Many people are more prone to skin burns, discoloration and redness while using this technology. However, it can treat larger body hair effectively and is suitable for highly pigmented skin.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The short answer is no. Laser hair removal procedure burns the hair follicle and puts them in the dormant stage. Since body cells divide and regrow so these follicles are repaired. However this dormant stage is for a longer period of time so when hair grows back, they are thin, light and fewer in number.

Where does the laser work?

Its more challenging to have this procedure on the face, upper lip and lower lip as the hair are really light. Moreover, these hair are stubborn and hormonal driven. It’s easy to implement this process to other body parts. Moreover, the laser hair removal treatment on face doesn’t suit on some people.

How many laser session do I need

It depends on the area you are treating. The face area needs more sessions than other body parts. Even arms need more sessions. Those parts of the body having thick dark hair e.g bikini area, legs, underarms and etc, need fewer sessions.

In the beginning, there is a one-month interval. If you have fast hair growth then you need to have a session with a doctor every 2-3 weeks. Then later you get 4-6 weeks interval.

  • People with dark hair need 4-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks for permanent results
  • People with light skin need 6-12 treatments a month apart
  • People with Olive skin color need 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks
  • Modern brown to dark skin need 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks but maintenance is needed for 3-6 monthly repeat treatments

Should I shave my hair in those intervals?

You can also shave your hair in those intervals if you want too. Your hair should be small in size for laser hair sessions as longer hair will absorb the light and heat up, causing skin burning.

Avoid Sun and Waxing Before Laser Treatment

Sun burns your skin and so the laser will increase hyperpigmentation and increases skin damage. Try to avoid the sun a few weeks before the laser treatment. Avoid waxing as it removes whole hair and hair follicles so there will be nothing left for the laser to target.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the area where you are living, the part of the body from where you want to remove hair and the number of sessions you will take. American Society of Plastic Surgeons did the study and the average cost is $285 per session.

  • Face and neck $600-900
  • Lower legs      $600-850
  • Bikini area      $350-900
  • Arms              $350-500
  • Chest             $350-600
  • Back              $600-900

Will it cause cancer?

The laser beam doesn’t penetrate beyond the hair follicles so your internal organ will not get damage. People do say that it causes cancer and research is being done on it but there is no strong authentic evidence.

The laser used in this treatment is nonionizing and concentrated and is focussed on the targeted area. The surrounding tissues don’t get damaged.

However, scientists have observed that in some cases, atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) are caused so if you have family skin cancer history. Doctors recommend these people to avoid the full body laser hair removal procedure. Currently, researches are doing research on this. It’s better for you to be on the safe side.

Will it cause infertility?

No, it won’t cause you fertility. The laser beam doesn’t penetrate more than the hair follicle. You don’t need to be afraid to laser your abdominal area. However, if you are or want to become pregnant and if you are breast-feeding your child then try to avoid this.

Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

No, it won’t hurt. However, you will feel irritation, redness and a little bit of discomfort but all of this temporarily. Your doctor will guide you on what measurements should you take. You can have laser hair removal treatment process underarm because it’s completely safe. However, if you have a contraceptive implant on your arm then consult a doctor.

What about home laser devices?

There are some of these devices and people are using it. I have one and I have used it. However, my hair isn’t reduced much as compared to the people who did laser hair removal. FDA also considers this as cosmetic, not medicinal.

If you have one like that at your home, strictly follow the instructions written on it before using it.

Will I get a skin infection?

You will get temporary issue e.g skin itching, skin redness, swelling and skin scarring. Don’t worry it will disappear soon. The doctor will tell you what to do. You will be given me proper medications.

  • For the first 15-30 minutes, your skin will feel hot
  • White skin gets darker pigmentation and dark skin gets lighter pigmentation

Does laser treatment cause eye injury?

Yes especially if you are doing this on the face so make sure you wear special glasses. Even a doctor who is doing this on you should wear eyeglasses. Other than that no need to get afraid. The doctor will make sure that you are safe and comfortable.

Benefits of Full Body Laser treatment

There are many benefits of the treatment. Even the problems caused by this procedure are temporary and take less time to get disappear. Don’t be afraid of the laser hair removal procedures. If you want to do it then you should.

No ingrowth hair

This is really great, you won’t have internal hair growth. This will prevent you from waxing and threading every week or month. After laser hair removal treatment your skin will be smooth and there won’t be any bump on the skin.


If you compare the price of your waxing every month with the full body laser hair removal session then the later is economical for you. It’s better to spend money on this one-time treatment than spending it repeatedly. The majority of the people who did this are happy with their decision. You can also check its reviews.

No waiting for hair growth

Arent, you tired of going to the parlor every month or week for waxing or threading? Everyone is and the majority of us want to get rid of them. This laser treatment is the best option and it will remove 80% of your hair.


So you should do full body laser hair removal by seeing your skin and hair color. The doctor will recommend you which laser hair treatment to go for. It’s not a one time process, you need to take sessions for it. Moreover, make sure you are making a specialist doing this process on you because an inexperienced person can damage your skin.

Your body can easily get hurt if nonexpert person does that on you so make sure that the practitioner has licensed for this kind of work.

This treatment doesn’t remove all hair. Chances are 80% hair will get remove and remaining will grow light and less. This procedure is painless as well. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to comment.

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