How to Add Permanent Subtitles to a Video File?

A few days ago, my professor sent me a video of doing some experiment on lab mice. He wanted to submit that

video to some research journal and it required the English subtitle as well. It was a work of just a few minutes but he was quite worried.

After adding permanent subtitles to the video, I decided to write a tutorial as well to help the other people as well.

Adding subtitles to the video requires a subtitle file known as STR file. It can be easily created in notepad and added to the video.

How to create a subtitle (.SRT) file?

In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you a simple and easy way for creating your own SubRip Subtitle (SRT) file just by using Notepad or any text editor.
SRT file should be of the following format:
Subtitle Number
Subtitle Beginning time –> Subtitle Ending time
Text To Display
The Subtitle Beginning/Ending time should contain Hours:Minutes:Seconds,Milliseconds
For example:
00:00:01,050 –> 00:00:02,050
What are you doing?
00:00:09,440 –> 00:00:12,222
The above text would display
What are you doing? for 1 second from 01,050 to 02,050 [1 second 50 milliseconds to 2 seconds 50 milliseconds]
THIS IS NOT FAIR for around 3 seconds from 09,440 to 12,222
We can also customize our subtitles text such as making the text bold, italic or changing Its color etc.
For making the text bold, simply wrap the text with <b>TEXT</b>
For making the text italic, wrap the text with <i>TEXT</i>
For underlining the text, <u>TEXT</u>
For changing the text color, we can use <font color="#FF0000">TEXT</font>
FF0000 in the above is the HEX code for the red color. You can get all the color codes from here or any other website/tool.
Example .SRT file:
00:00:01,050 –> 00:00:02,050
<font color=”#FF0000″><b><i><u>What are you doing?</u></i></b></font>
The above SRT file would look like below in a video player.

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you a free and easy way to permanently add subtitles to a video file. We’re using a free software “Handbrake” for this purpose.


Add Permanent Subtitles to a Video

1. First of all, go to and download Handbrake for your operating system and install It. We’re using Windows for this tutorial.



2. After Handbrake is installed. Run It and open your Video file.



3. Then in the Save As field, click on Browse and choose the location where you want to save your video after the subtitles are added.



4. Now go to Subtitles tab and click Import SRT. Choose your subtitle (.srt) file there.



5. Check in the Burn In checkbox and click Start Encode.



It’ll take a couple of seconds. Though this will vary depending upon your PC and video file size.

After It’s finished, your video will be present on the location which you chose in the 3rd step.


If you have any queries about adding permanent subtitles to your MP4 or other videos files, please feel free to ask. We will always be very happy to listen from you.

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