3 Steps to make a Wow Presentation

From Business meet-ups to classrooms, presentations are everywhere. Most of them are quite boring. According to some studies, average only 30% of audiences are listening to a presentation with attention.

Everyone wants to deliver a Wow presentation rather than a Meh. This is what determines that either your audiences are listening to you or not. Making a Wow presentation certainly needs a lot more work and research than that we might spend normally.

Start with a Story

I always found it very useful and engaging when you start your talk with a story relevant to the topic. There are certain things you must keep in mind about the story. It impresses the audience more if the story is based on your experience rather than a textbook novel.

Keep it concise and be very careful in the words and dialogues you choose to speak. If you don’t have something of your own then please avoid telling anything which is too common.

Originality of Content

If you presenting on someone’s else research or data then forget that you can deliver a Wow presentation. I have even seen people downloading the presentations from sites like SlideShare and presenting them at different forums. It’s a Sin. 

You can’t impress people if there is nothing in the presentation that you have on your own. Even if your copying the design or template of someone, this means you are trying to fit in someone’s work. That’s a terrible idea.

Even if your presentation is based on some general topic rather than some research presentation, search the Internet and gather some valuable content.

Careful Use of Visual Aid

Let me be very clear here, the purpose of PowerPoint Presentation is just to visually assist you. It is not something you should be reading from when you are talking to your audiences.

Be very careful while you are making your Presentation slides. Your audiences will not Wow on your presentation if you have every piece of text you are going to speak on your slides.

People giving Wow presentations only add some clues in their slides rather than the whole of their codex gega. Careful use of media such as images and videos is also important. So, no need to add to anything in your slide that already everywhere on the internet not much necessary to add.


If you aren’t ready to invest your time in preparing your presentation then expect a meh rather than a wow. A Wow presentation is always have something new for the audiences irrespective of the topic of which you are speaking.

People will love to hear about the Wow moment of your presentation. People be proud to share here.

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