Tips for Applying for Scholarships and Grants for College

Applying for a college scholarship and actually winning it are 2 different things. Most students face fierce competition when it comes to submitting their applications. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible challenge. 

With the right mindset, you are sure to succeed. Try this simple yet very powerful PIAR system. It stands for  

  • Plan
  • Implement 
  • Analyze
  • Repeat 

To make your path to scholarship success easier, we’d like to share the most effective tips with you below. Just before divining into these tips, here’s another thing to keep in mind. If the whole process is too challenging for you, don’t be shy to ask for help from a professional essay writing website which provides students with academic writing services online. 

So, here are TOP tips that really work when applying for college scholarship: 

  • Do in-depth research on what you should do to win a scholarship
  • Consult with your college advisor 
  • Create an actionable and easy-to-follow plan 
  • Come up with a daily applying for scholarship schedule 
  • Search for the most suitable opportunities
  • Write a winning scholarship essay  
  • Edit your essay properly 
  • Make your social profiles clean and attractive 
  • Get letters of recommendation to increase your odds 
  • Good GPA and SAT scores are your advantages 
  • Apply for as many scholarship opportunities as possible 
  • Master your interview skills  
  • Mind scholarship deadlines 
  • Keep trying until you get it 


Now, let’s have a closer look at each tip. 

Do In-Depth Research on What You Should Do to Win a Scholarship

Search for available information online. Search on Google. Read a couple of articles on how to apply for a college scholarship, how to write scholarship essays, how to get letters of recommendation, etc. 

Ask your friends what they know about it. Visit Reddit and Quora. Read what other people are saying on related topics there. 

Consult with Your College Advisor 

It may be obvious. However, students may overlook this step. Your college advisor knows a lot about scholarship opportunities. So why not ask for assistance? 

Create Actionable and Easy-to-Follow Plan

After carrying out your research, analyze all the information you collected. Organize it in a form of easy-to-follow and actionable plan with steps you need to take to hit your goal. It will enable you to be more organized and effective.  

Come up with a Daily Schedule for Applying for Scholarship 

Sending your applications requires you to be persistent. The competition for a scholarship is fierce. However, the majority of students don’t go an extra mile. They send their applications to several colleges and stop at this point. You can outperform your competition by simply applying for every single opportunity you’ll find. 

Search for the Most Suitable Opportunities  

Use special scholar search websites to find a lot of good opportunities. Here are some of the websites you may like: 


  • CareerOneStop
  • Cappex 
  • Scholly 
  • GoingMerry


Write a Winning Scholarship Essay  

Now, it’s time to craft a remarkable and unique application essay. That’s your chance to beat the competition and make the jury remember you. Instead of writing a typical and boring application paper, try this approach

Think of what other students are going to write. Write your essay adding unique answers to it. In other words, find your differentiation factor and build your application around it. 

Edit Your Essay Properly 

Read it aloud. Proofread and edit it on your own. Give your essay to your friends or family members. Get their feedback. Fix the issues. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can really save you from failure. 

Make Your Social Profiles Clean and Attractive

Why is this important? Not always, but most probably the jury may have a look at your social profiles. They can do it googling your name. That’s why you’d better be prepared for this. Clean up all your social profiles and make them appealing.   

Get Letters of Recommendation to Increase Your Odds 

This step is super important. Any additional evidence in your favor can be an advantage for you. Do your best to collect as many letters of recommendation as possible. Send them along with your college scholarship application essay. 

Good GPA and SAT Scores Are Your Advantages 

In many cases, colleges would like to see your performance records. Be sure to prepare them beforehand. Be ready to send them upon request. 

Apply for as Many Scholarship Opportunities as Possible 

The more opportunities you apply for, the higher the odds will be of your success. That’s the game of numbers. We recommend you should apply for all study abroad scholarships that you find relevant and good for you. 

Master Your Interview Skills  

The next step is to get prepared for the interview. Don’t worry. Google some of the most frequently asked questions during the scholarship interviews. Again it’s good to check Quora and Reddit. 

Mind Scholarship Deadlines 

Take into account that all the scholarship opportunities are time-sensitive. It’s important to meet their deadlines. 

Keep Trying Until You Get It 

Never give up. Cultivate positive thinking and try as many times as it takes to succeed. 


Now, you’re fully packed and loaded with top proven tips. What’s next? Implement them. 

Remember the P.I.A.R. system (Plan, Implement, Analyze, Repeat) that we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article? Go and try it. 

Good luck! 

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