Toxic People Quotes – How to Deal with Toxic People

Looking for toxic people quotes? Here we have collected the best 20+ toxic people quotes for you.

You can’t always have the best people around. This world is full of all kind of people. More than once, you will encounter those people also which you don’t like a bit even. Toxic people are not just unhappy in their own lives but make the lives of others miserable as well. In this post, we have collected a score of best toxic people quotes that can teach a lesson about them.

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Reading these quotes about toxic people is not just enough. You have to act through these to make your life better. You need to work with them, live with them, deal with them with the best possible way to avoid hurting your own self emotionally.

Remember the golden rule in life ‘Avoid the unimportant’. The more you ignore the unimportant the happier the life will be. Every person has to deal with a lot of people who causes stress and result in disturbance in life, the best way to have peaceful life is to sit back and observe, everything doesn’t needs a reaction. Never deal with them and your life will be as relax as you want.

Toxic people are like poison, ruins everything without any regrets. These people always play with the emotion of simple person and show them as they care for them, but No it’s not true. When you got to know reality about them, till that time they have already created a nicer but fake image of themselves in your mind, and losing them creates a guiltiness in your mind. That’s it, this is what they want behaving fake and getting attention.

We are very much familiar to the fact that ‘Change is the law of life’. This is only applicable to time, and circumstances but not people. People don’t changes they just show the real face of themselves peace by peace to you. The saddest thing is that they are the people who are closest to you and affect you emotionally.

In today world everything starts and end like the speed of light, the closest people around you will become unfamiliar with in no time. It’s just because you have not adjusted yourself to their level of thinking. People start teasing and taunting you just because you are different and not following the crowd as other do. The best thing one can do in this situation is to stay calm and get rid of such toxic people.

There is fact that One can be known by the company he keeps. The people around you affect you mentally, and emotionally. The one which we thought is our friend or family can be as toxic as poison and the one which we thought is stranger can be sweet as honey. In this world of internet, one can get inspired from someone instantly and started following them, no matter what he is doing we start doing like them. The state of liking and following changes into habit and addiction. This can be a good or a bad habit so be wise and try to categorize people around you.

‘Happiness’ a state of mind in which the person has inner satisfaction and peace. Happiness revolves around the quality of your thoughts and perception. Happiness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers. One thing which is cause of happiness for someone can be the cause of sadness for some at the same time. Happiness is acceptance, if a person is not happy with himself then he can possibly be not happy with you because he is not satisfied in his inner self.

Bad time starts as bad people come into life. There is a time when some people you think is like blessing but with time that blessing converts into bad fortune. The person who was a reason to smile is now a major reason of sadness and that is the time when one have to give up and move on. Removing such people bring all happiness of life back and it’s like a new bright start of life with great energy and positivity.

People around you affects a lot. One should be act smart while allowing people around him. There is always a time when we meet someone and at the very first day we have very bad and awkward impression of that person but then you start talking and it’s like ‘where have you been all my life’, such people are real blessing who bring out your real one out, who create a productive atmosphere around you. Remove all kind of bad things and you are happy just like a 3 years old kid.

Life is like a mirror, it reflects what you have deep inside you. A person with a rude and toxic attitude always think that the fault is with the other person but in reality the real issue is with them. These people always shows and try to prove that the other person is wrong which cause guiltiness in the person but it take no time to understand the falseness of these people. This bring back all your self-esteem and remove guiltiness.

Creativity ends when negativity starts. Negative people need drama like water, if they don’t get it they will die. One cannot live a positive life with a negative mind or negative people around. These people always have a problem for a solution and take out all kind of satisfaction and inner peace. Negativity steals the happiness in life, once figure out these people try to distance yourself from those people, they are the same people who always says ‘You can’t do it’ but the reality is that ‘You can’t do this with them’. From here beautiful things start happening.

‘Priority’ is not just a word it’s a message. The main regrets one will have in his life is always available to the people for whom you matters least. There is a fact that people take you for granted, they don’t value you if you are present and available all the time for them. People who don’t appreciate your presence has no right to have your company. Avoid such people and you will have a great extra time and energy to give it to the people who is really possessive and care about you.

‘Broken Trust’ is like a broken glass, it will never be the same as last time. It will always have the cracks within it. Trust is earned when that what you say and what you do is same. Trust is a precious thing never expect it from everyone you meet. A heartbroken person allow the other one again into his life just to fill his space but the trust is not the same. Fake people will always remain fake no matters how many time you give them a chance, they always make fake promises and try to you get you again. Be careful while dealing with these people they stab into the back and ask what happened. Never give someone a second chance while there is another one waiting for their first chance.

Time is what we need more but we have less. The people who waste their time and also yours is not worthy to keep. Time flies and never comes back. Such toxic people always says that life is short let’s just enjoy every moment but this enjoyment cause a lot of loss. Their fake sweet words can make you smile timely but in long term that results in loss of energy and time. Once a wise man said ‘Quantity doesn’t, Quality does matter’. Try to spend some quality time with someone worthy rather than a lot of time with someone for whom you are just a time pass material.

‘Un follow’ in world of internet means the relation between the two ends. The one who is following is now mature enough to decide who is worth following and who is not. As a clear rejection is better than a fake promises, toxic people make fake promises and their action does not meet their words. These are the people who cause problems and stress. Keep distance from these people and your life will be easier than ever.

Success the main reason of toxic people getting more dangerous. People around you who don’t appreciate you are not worth keeping. Avoid the sentences like you can’t do it, you are not that much capable, this isn’t a good work for you etc. These are the people who demotivate you in every single step of life. If you want to go higher, removes the extra burden in from of such people and bring someone who motivates, so you can achieve your goals.

Apology means the person accepts that he has done wrong and pledge that he will never do that again, but if that action repeats then it’s not a mistake it’s a choice. Trust once broken can’t be recover again as previously.

The people around you affect the way you think and what you do. There are some people who have no work except discussing other people and gossips. They always demotivate you and lower your moral. Be with the type of people who discuss new ideas and innovations, these people always keep your moral high and motivates you in every situation. They don’t discuss other people failure but inspires from someone’s success.

Toxic people are like cancer spread negativity and with no time it reaches to last stage. It’s a blessing if such type of people get a side by themselves. It is the new beginning, a positive one, more productive than ever. Whatever comes at a particular time is blessing from GOD.

The people around you should be categorised according to their action, the way they deal with you, and the importance they give back to you. Like me, I categorised my room-mates into brothers, friends, and just room-mate. According to the way they deal with me and believe me that saves a lot of my time and energy. Someone’s four months with you are more important than someone else’s 4 years, it’s all about quality time. Once you define your limit of frankness and importance then you are not fooled by their action and words any more.

Some people are like open theatre they will start drama about something that least matters. These people always waste their time as well as others. Everything you see or listen doesn’t need your answer. Learn to sit back and observe, not everything needs a reaction. Ignoring unimportant gossips and people can give you a lot positivity and time to spend on something worthy.

Time is Money, the quantity of time we give to any work tells its importance. Time is a valuable resource and therefore do things that worth it. We can’t move ahead till we live in past. The things happens in past should be improved not a reason to ruin your present and future. You cannot suffer the past, what you suffers is your memory and imaginations.

All my life I listened a famous phrase ‘Don’t do it, what will people say’, and this is the time to make your best decision whether to give up just because of people gossips or do something unique. Confident people are silent and the people who has insecurities are loud and always demotivate you. So dear toxic people if you can’t see me at my best then you should better be quiet and move on.

Signs of Toxic People

Here are the few signs to figure out toxic people around you.

  • Toxic people are always judgemental, they will judge you according to their level of thinking and their perception.
  • These people are always manipulative, they use other people to accomplish their goal. They will use you to get whatever they want and in return, they will never thankful to you.
  • They are not a good listener, interrupts between conversations and always try to prove themselves the winner.
  • Toxic people are not loyal to anyone. They will stab you in the back and broke your trust and expectation.
  • These people always like to have some drama or gossips around them. Always have something unimportant to discuss.
  • The toxic person is always behaving as a victim, they don’t do anything and complains about everything.
  • These people want to be the centre of attention.
  • The toxic person never ever apologises, even if it’s their fault.

Dealing with Toxic people

So, unfortunately, you have some toxic people in life? Here are some tips to handle them.

  • Be polite and honest to toxic people.
  • Never share any secret with that person because these people are not much loyal to you. Never ever tell every secret to everyone.
  • Always be careful while discussing something professional, this may affect your professional life as these people can go to any level.
  • Set limit of frankness and time you gave to them, try to avoid them.
  • Stay positive when you are around them, just think something positive and remove every kind of negative thought from the mind.
  • Spend a lot of time with non-toxic people to balance out negativity you got and try to discuss idea rather than people.
  • Avoid unwanted argument with them, as every argument results in ‘You are wrong’.
  • Stop being available all time to them. Try to un value them, so that you have time to give it to someone that worthy.
  • Train your mind to see good and positive in every situation. Everything in this world happens for a reason, once it is done then you can move on.

Spotting Toxic people

  • Toxic people always want a win-win situation, no matter what’s the issue is, they always want to win the argument.
  • These people always use the other person’s resources to fulfil their needs and wants.
  • They are simply not thankful to you, even if you have done your best for them.
  • Toxic people always have a complaint about something, they are simply not mentally stable any time.
  • These people always want that people praise him in every matter, if you are not agreeing to them then a new never-ending argument starts.


Dealing and identifying the people spreading toxicity around others isn’t just about reading this post and others. You need to really work hard on this. Keep these quotes saved on your phone or forward them to friends as well to spread awareness.

If you have anything to share, don’t feel shy. Feel free to comment below.


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