You would surely be spoilt for choices when it comes to iPhone cases available in the market today. So here we would be exploring some of the most popular types. Today, you could choose from some of the sleekest, thinnest, and elegant cases. Let us check out the different types so that you know exactly what would be the best buy.

Slim Profile

This is marked by minimalism. It is light and sleek and very much grip-able. This is just right for high flying busy people who would not settle for anything less than perfect. When you are in the middle of business calls, texts, emails, or even meetings, you could easily take out your iPhone from your pocket and place it back smoothly if you opt for this slim profile cover as it could be used with probably the least resistance.


This version of an iPhone 7 plus case India is known for its amazing robustness and integrity. This is the ultimate in phone protection. It is just right for construction workers and all those people who are very clumsy and are in the habit of dropping things every now and then. You would realize how important it is to use this heavy-duty iPhone cover when for instance, you are climbing up a ladder and you drop your iPhone while trying to take it out of your pocket.


This is a perfect transparent outer shell for your favorite iPhone which would not be deviating from the original design of your phone. This see-through elegant cover is just right for people who appreciate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of iPhones but at the same time, they are clever enough to realize the importance and efficacy of using a protective shield for giving their precious phone some added protection. This sort of a transparent iPhone 7 Plus cover could impress your really artistically inclined colleagues who may be graphic designers or architects etc.


The waterproof iPhone cover would be keeping your favorite phone dry even in shallow water and would be providing solid overall protection. It is the right sort of a cover to be used by beachgoers, and adventurers. This is just right for people who would put their high-end iPhone in their board shorts’ pocket and completely forget about it and gladly wade into the pool’s shallow end without realizing that the phone should have been taken out of the pocket before indulging in this fun exercise.

Leather or Wood

This is just the right iPhone case for making the ultimate style statement. Leather and wood cases could enhance the overall appearance of already beautiful iPhone 7 Plus and infuse an element of fresh appeal to the phone. This case is just right for the chic, the stylish, and the fashion-conscious people. If you wish to look cool, this is the right one for you.


You now know that you have a broad spectrum of iPhone 7 plus cases to choose from. Check out the features from the above-mentioned cases and choose the one that fits right for your unique requirements.

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