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Are you looking for the best Chinese Search Engines?

China is one of the most emerging economies in the world. Even the US is afraid of Chinese growth, especially in the tech sector. Chinese seems to believe in the reinventing their own wheel. That’s why they launched their own search engines in their country. Along with that, they have blocked the access to Google Search and Yahoo Search which are the most leading search engines of the world.


Baidu is just like the Chinese version of Google in terms of dominance and usage all over China. Being the first search engine of China it is also the most popular among the Chinese. The number of users of Baidu is so huge that it is ranked as the third most used search engine in the world. The estimated usage of Baidu in the Chinese market is nearly 58%. It has also been serving as a base and standard for other search engines in China. The  most prominent features of Baidu are listed below

  • The Chinese language is a very diverse language having different meanings for a single word. Baidu identifies it using its algorithms and hence points to the most appropriate search.
  • It has its own search apps for smartphones making it portable.
  • Baidu dives deeper in scanning Chinese web pages which in which google lacks behind.
  • It has a large database for Chinese sites and references.
  • It has a very low traffic bounce rate.


After Baidu the most prominently used search engine in China is Sogou. Although it is not that much advanced and efficient as Baidu it has some of the plus points as listed below;

  • It is known for its unique algorithm and SERP layout.
  • It is much more affordable for pay per clicks advertisement.
  • It is effective for the companies looking for the audience at a low tier location.
  • Its unique feature is that it can search on We Chat platform


It is relatively new in the market but the point to be noticed is that it has already captured 20% of the mobile search in the country. It is a joint venture between Alibaba and the UC group. Shenma can only be used on mobile phones and hence it is portable. People searching for books, shopping and apps prefer Shenma because of its precise results.


Youdao is also on the biggest Chinese search engines released by NetEase in China. It allows users to easily search through the dictionary for images, web pages, music, news, blogs, and even Chinese to English entries, and a few others. Hui-hui shopping assistant was developed in 2012 and serves as a tool allowing users to compare products and prices online. Thanks to the free online dictionary which comes with it, Youdao is highly appreciated by Mandarin learners. The fact that it is easy to use is what makes Youdao Chinese dictionary valuable, and it features examples of sentences and indications of how to use a word.

Why the Search Engines are very important for a Country?

Have you ever wondered why each and every question of ours get answered on the internet whether it is a sensible one or a foolish, a realistic one or an unrealistic, possible or impossible? Everything we question through the internet gets answered precisely, and if not precisely we get the nearest clues on our topic. Have we ever pondered upon what is the thing behind this precise and quick search? We only have to open up Google or Yahoo and then write our questions and in the next few seconds, thousands of answers or results from different websites are waiting in front of us to be looked upon. And the next thing to be noticed is that we get the best results of that particular topic on top of our search. Doesn’t it seem some fairy tale piece of art? How is this even possible?

We have got the answers to all these questions coming up in minds. All this process is done with the help of a tool often called a search engine. A search engine is a tool that is used to find any sort of information from the web. We can also call it as a website to locate the required information from all over the world wide web. Users enter their query and it searches it throughout the databases showing the most appropriate answers.

How Search Engines Work?

The next question that pops up in mind is how do they work? What is the mechanism or structure behind them? We ‘ve got the answers to that as well. A search engine usually goes through billions of pages present in its database with the help of its robots or precisely we say them web crawlers or spiders. The index is a data structure of the web page that is discovered by the search engine. The index includes the URL and some relevant clues about the main theme of the web page. The clues play a major role in the precision of the search result. It covers the keywords of that specific page, the category of the content present, when was it created and the engagement of previous users with it. This process leads to the most appropriate answers we get in a matter of a few seconds.

Why China blocked Google and Yahoo Search?

China is undoubtedly one of the largest countries in terms of area, population and domination of its products in the international market. It is quite difficult to find a house that doesn’t use Chinese products or appliances. And there are various factors that make it a strong competitor to the United States of America. China’s domination over the internet is also quite significant and has to be pondered upon that what exactly are they doing and why are they doing it.

We need to go through ho the Chinese make use of the world wide web that leads them to some extraordinary success. Chinese usually don’t use the biggest search engines such as Google and Yahoo and that is what has made this topic more cringe. We will go through what all you should know about Chinese search engines. Following are some of the most used search engines in China.

What do search engines do you use in China? Please share your thoughts with us.

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