In this article, I’ve curated and written the best Instagram captions for girls 😊

Do you want to enhance the likes and comments on your Instagram profile? Keep on reading this article as I will share some tips, tricks and as well as Instagram captions. Seriously captions are a really important part of Instagram and I wonder why so many people ignore this topic.

Instagram is not just about pretty pictures. If you want to induce value to your picture then captions are a basic necessity. While in my case, my Instagram photos cant not stand alone as I am not an amazing photographer and likewise with many people reading this.

One more thing, we know that a lot of our Instagram photos are taken by us and we are not in the picture. Sometimes you need to express your feelings with respect to the picture which you want to upload. Captions are important. In just a few words you can tell the world your experiences or your emotions.

I love diversified quotes related to family, friends, food etc and oh! one more thing I really need motivational quotes for studies and gym. I am really into quotations as I am the heavy user of social media. I write quotes and upload photos because this is what I do in my free time. To be honest I have never been attracted to captions on the internet. I didn’t find my taste there so here I will be sharing Instagram Captions for girls.

Now let’s get started with the captions. Shall we!

👯 Instagram Captions for Besties

I know that many of you are searching for Instagram captions for girls. I love my stupid friends and want to capture each moment with them. More over all my friends are on Instagram so we continuously tag each other. I take many pictures with them as we study together, work together and live near to each other. Our bond is really strong so I use the following captions for our Instagram pictures.

Giving Up is not an Option - Instagram Captions for Girls to their Besties

  1. Together is where we belong
  2. Who says you can’t choose a family
  3. This bond is unbreakable
  4. friendship is a treasure and cant be measure
  5. We belong together
  6. Heaven lies near them
  7. I miss those days, back in 1996 when you didn’t exist
  8. True friendship is when they make you love yourself more
  9. you water my roots and saw me blossoming
  10. I see forever in you
  11. and suddenly these strangers became a family
  12. You are my flavor I enjoy the most
  13. I remember those days when you carried a love for my broken heart
  14. The heart knows where it belongs
  15. These people came into my world at the right time
  16. You are my jewel so I will always let you shine
  17. This lovely bond between us… are my good days
  18. My happiness has never been drained with you
  19. I like to think about you. You make me feel alive
  20. This friendship is my spark in the dark
  21. You stripped away my spark and made it a sunshine
  22. Without you, I forget how love tastes like
  23. This friendship is so addicting
  24. I have never met someone who can speak the language of my soul
  25. Breath of Fresh air in my lungs, This bond of love in my heart and you in my world
  26. They saw a flickering heartbeat in me when I was at the verge of dying
  27. So many stars in the sky and an infinite way for you to make me laugh
  28. Our world is colorful, where ever we are
  29. Not my best days but I met you
  30. This friendship looks beautiful on our skin
  31. This color of our friendship looks beautiful on our skin
  32. I am ready to cut my thorns if they bleed you
  33. I know my way back home
  34. Unplanned moments, unexpected bonds are the best
  35. So many ways to smile, yet you teach me a new way every single day
  36. I love drowning in this friendship
  37. The journey to find weirdo like you was worth it
  38. You are an ocean that waves me gently, a wind that touches me softly, a sun warmth that melts cold inside me

❤️ Instagram Captions about Love

We love our partners, friends, family and many other people. Sometimes we need to express how we feel about the person in the pictures. Let me list down the emotional Instagram caption for girls who want to express their love o the loved ones.

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  1. Not even words can measure what I feel for you
  2. Home is where ever you are
  3. This heart belongs near you
  4. I have found love and friendship in you
  5. You are my joyousness I burrowed from time
  6. Your imperfections are so perfect to me
  7. I yearn for home when you are apart
  8. The way you stare steals my heart away
  9. If every day has new hope, I wish it brings you near me
  10. and then destiny made me meet you
  11. You have no idea how much this broken soul has traveled to meet yours
  12. I glow differently when I am loved by you
  13. They can be their clear skies, a bright ocean where life exits, a rainbow after storms but you are a horizon where everything beautifully comes together
  14. My most favorite person,  You!
  15. This sad world will leave you but I won’t be with them
  16. I find no imperfection in you
  17. You own me and I own you
  18. Us is where we belong
  19. The only right thing I did was to choose you
  20. You give a beat to my heart and a smile to my face
  21. Love was the only thing I never expected
  22. Then you held my hand and I hurt a little less
  23. In you I found me
  24. I felt this soul connection, even before I met you
  25. I see the universe through her eye
  26. Is it a crime to entwined our stars
  27. I see the beauty in the damaged heart? is it a crime
  28. You are a place where I feel home
  29. Ever wondered how sunshine tastes like? its you
  30. With you, I am a soul, deep inside filled with supernova
  31. In the depth you, I found me
  32. Millions of stars in the galaxies and so many ways to love you
  33. I fell for you in dark, Imagine in the light what it would look like
  34. My life is filled with mistakes but you can never be among them
  35. I hope the land is greener, where ever you are
  36. but with you, these shiny stars are very near
  37. You are like coffee, bitter and dark yet so addicting
  38. I like it when you explore my soul
  39. Let me build our home, in us
  40. I have a dream in my fragile heart but she has galaxies in her eyes
  41. You are the sugared poem that my heart could ever write
  42. My world was black and white until you threw different colors at me
  43. Show me how to feel again in the ways I have forgotten
  44. Let’s not allow these petals to fall
  45. He lights me up like kryptonite
  46. Imagine… This whole universe…still I had the privilege of meeting you
  47. These galaxies full of stars, yet he stares at me
  48. I saw fortune-teller predicting the future of the couples. We walked away as we knew our future was right next to each other
  49. Friends teased me by joining my name with his, Decades later, our kid got its name
  50. This heart beats to sound of your name
  51. I talk to the moon about you
  52. Moon talks to me about the sun and I, about you
  53. I dream of you even when I am awake
  54. Like these raindrops, I fell for you
  55. and in the middle of the storm, we found each other
  56. Let’s promise, not to stop from making memories
  57. He never believed in the magic, until he saw her
  58. They asked me for a strong drug so I told them about your smile
  59. you are worth the addiction
  60. My heart has the footprint of you

😟 Feeling sad, Girl? Try these Captions

Bes yourself girl, everyone is taken already - typewriter

Do you want those Instagram captions for girls that are sad? I am an expressive person, if I am sad, I upload a sad quote or a sad picture. Sadness must be shared. Many times people will call you and ask you if you are okay.

  1. Alexa! switch my emotions off
  2. Two souls, separated by religion, family and nation
  3. For you, I fought with me
  4. Your soul smiles while my screech
  5. Come to my home, Teach me how to live
  6. You can wipe me from your life but not our memories
  7. We all die but not all of us live
  8. I wish I sleep and forever sleep
  9. I need those days when my eyes shined and sparkled
  10. Was I that easy to be played, like a toy
  11. I have drowned in the ocean of my tears
  12. I am like a bird, out in the desert of pain with no wings to fly
  13. I feel like going to a tunnel, endless place with no light of hope
  14. The stars seem so dull
  15. You should have taken the piece of my heart, not my peace with it
  16. How can one water the desert when nothing blooms
  17. Sorry can’t fix what you broke
  18. These so much emotions, filled with pain are like wolves, waiting for me to be hunted
  19. The eyes see too much and this heart feels so much
  20. Maybe I was destined to be sad in the end
  21. Even the eyes are tired from crying and my soul from smiling
  22. We drown in the ocean of sorrows, yet no one sees the struggle
  23. That’s our irony, they break us but we still love them
  24. For me, it always has been a hope, killing me inside
  25. How ironic, the one who didn’t break us, feel our pain
  26. Maybe you preferred that my heart remains broken
  27. Come home. Is it too much to ask
  28. I had strength for you in those days when I couldn’t hold my own weight
  29. I can’t forget those days, when I craved for heaven and you were there standing in front of me, dressed in stars
  30. How do I start? the beginning was you and then there was this last time, you spoke to me
  31. I am tired of myself to bleed dry, for the ones who are thirsty
  32. You, not hurting your self today, will save the lives of millions tomorrow
  33. I would relive the moment again, just to be with you, if I ever went in past
  34. The angels felt uncomfortable when I cried that night
  35. That’s the thing about our scars, visible to those, who never caused them
  36. You took the light with you when you departed
  37. These remembrances made me detest the places I once loved
  38. You shattered me into pieces yet I came to you to fix them
  39. These scars are painfull and meant to be treated softly
  40. You heart dance in the wild but with someone’s tune
  41. These are nights I dance with sadness
  42. How can you love and still let me go
  43. Where were you when I was shattering
  44. Time is all we have, yet it’s so selfish
  45. Don’t kill me, requested my dying ambition
  46. They say beauty is skin deep… Why saloons are crowded and libraries are empty
  47. A doctor entered his garage. Found 2 things, broken camera and broken dreams
  48. After 10 years, we had a school reunion in school… Many heart broke when we saw our names at the old desks
  49. She was lifeless on the floor, blood seeping out from the same wrist, that tattooed life is precious 
  50. I am a strong girl, I don’t cry, said the 4-year-old girl, when he grasped her hair. 85 years later, she said again, I am strong, I can’t cry and burst into tears while standing next to his grave
  51. At the age of 18, she requested him to Stay. 60 years later, he held her hand and requested stay, when she was dying
  52. I would have never become a successful lawyer if I know at that time that years from now on, I will be typing my own divorce letter
  53. Happy 70-year anniversary, he went to her bed in a hospital with a cake. His wife looked at him and said who are you
  54. Why humanity isn’t a fashion trend these days
  55. Yes, I did feel happy and sad at the same time. you know when? at Graduation Ceremony
  56. Rejection leaves no tattoos
  57. She was chained in the cruelty and bled on the street, society did nothing but mother nature knew how to act. Floods and hurricane with destruction were on the way
  58. Drive slow and the food is ready at home said the mother on call. For the first time, the call ended without a goodbye mom
  59. She won and became a champion, yet the size of her clothes was the only thing people talked about
  60. The journalist was killed by the honesty
  61. As a kid, I was amazed by how clouds changed their shape. Now I realized that people are no different. Read: Toxic People Quotes
  62. My sister and cancer are twins. They grow together, are in a battle with each other and one day, someone will die
  63. Such an ironic world, We take seconds to judge other and the courts take years to pass judgment
  64. years later we saw each other in the traffic jam. The signals turned green and my eyes turned red
  65. I saw you finding a needle in a haystack but you couldn’t find me in your heart
  66. How ironic, as a kid we cried with broken toys but as an adult, we play with broken hearts
  67. Decades later they met, just an eye contact was enough to go back in time
  68. She wasn’t his last lover, just next in the line
  69. I have told the sky how much I miss you and it rained
  70. It’s better to be single than taken for granted
  71. Somewhere between fighting for a toy as a kid and fighting for the property as adults, the siblings’ love was lost
  72. This heart still loves the bruises, you gave while going away
  73. Knife hurts hard, words hurt hardest but silence kills us ounce by ounce
  74. If movies can have sequels ? will my story have one
  75. On her wedding, I was her man of honor but I always wanted to be her groom
  76. The same ocean that she loved, drowned her
  77. They prayed for a son from the goddess
  78. How would your wound heal, If you keep touching it
  79. Of all the lies she heard, I love you was her favorite one
  80. She was a sky, decorated with pearls but you left
  81. He sleeps, to meet her every day

😎 Motivational Quotes and Instagram Captions for Girls

These quotes cover your goals, aims, passions, gym and many others. Motivational quotes have their own charm. There should be those Instagram captions for girls that are strongly motivated. We need inspiration and motivation.

  1. I have fallen from everywhere, yet I am not broken
  2. The day I lived was the day we ended
  3. The wasteful journey isn’t it, when it is perfect with no mistakes
  4. There is clear sky after heavy storm and love after pain
  5. My happiness lies in my skin
  6. Shooters shoot
  7. Only you can water the dry roots of your growth
  8. Stars come and go and so does this awful pain
  9. A girl like you can transform wind into hurricanes and still you ask yourself am I worth it?
  10. This ruthless world will push you from the cliff so that you can spread your wings and fly
  11. Water doesn’t break its way through a big stone, it changes its direction and reaches its destination
  12. Be your own favorite song
  13. Don’t give up, This universe needs you
  14. If we can fall in love with the people, why not our goals
  15. Be easy on you, when it comes to criticizing your own progress.
  16. Let go, when they choose not to stay
  17. Just me myself and I
  18. Take your scars and dipped them in the stars and remind yourself, your own strength
  19. I don’t want to end my chapter without any scars
  20. These scars are my reminder, of my ashes rose from the screaming fire
  21. I am proud to have these scars and wear them as my medals
  22. If everyone can have it, then I would not wish for it
  23. They worked for their Facebook profile and he silently work hard for his Wikipedia page
  24. These midnights hard work will give you your own legacy one day
  25. Chaos didn’t shatter me, they strengthen me
  26. There is the hero, deep down in us
  27. Dare to touch me and you’ll burn
  28. We are the descendant of witches they could never burn
  29. That’s the thing about this life, we are not born with a map, we make one
  30. A doctor went on an adventure and he turned as a photographer
  31. When my pain needs to be felt, poetry is born
  32. This broken poet bleeds words
  33. I can see your broken heart but have you ever seen a mosaic
  34. Have a delicacy of a flower but don’t be afraid of your thorns
  35. If you can feel with a broken heart and dream with a damaged brain. You deserve this world and everything
  36. Isn’t this a beauty, the lightness of snow, Darkness of the shining sky, taste of spring and the beating of your heart
  37. You are much better than the way society’s treat you
  38. Poetry saved me
  39. We are not meant to beg, we are manufactured to break the prison
  40. You are a lot to feel so little
  41. and like the stars, we were meant to shine
  42. Fall, fall hard, but not far away from yourself
  43. The roots don’t dream of life, It blossoms and produces life
  44. I didn’t stop building my life when you stop visiting
  45. it’s okay to cry but don’t drown in your tears
  46. There is so much hope and so much laughs to be sad
  47. You are not a delicate flower but delicate like a bomb
  48. The soul feels  royalty, you are a Queen
  49. I paint the unsaid words
  50. My heart was never broken, it just opened
  51. I am in that stage of life where I am blind to colors yet they say how colorful the world is
  52. Anyone can find dirt in people, be the one who finds gold
  53. The same poet whose poems were rejected many times became the best seller after 10 years
  54. After 30 years, the backbencher met the topper of the class during the job interview. Those sarcastic words of hopelessness and loser rang in his ears. He smiled to himself on his CEO’s position and said you are hired
  55. The broken soul took his pen and paper. The writing didn’t stop, the paper was flooded with the ink. Who says you we can only bleed in red
  56. The world was never happy with her birth. They realized her worth when she came in news as Nobel prize winner
  57. because you are a girl, your place is the kitchen said the world. They were right when she became the executive Chef and made her legacy
  58. My life story… we both were 18 and I became his wife. but the story doesn’t end here, At 26 I became the cardiologist and him, a neurosurgeon
  59. Broken heart, red ink and paper. From there I created a masterpiece
  60. I am sorry you can’t conceive a child said the doctor to a married couple. Somewhere in the world, the Orphan was destined to find a home
  61. He regretted having a baby girl. After 30 years, this doctor saved his life
  62. Pain has turned him into tears, blood and in the end ”an ink”
  63. This broken soul has taken the lives of many people. The endings needed to be tragic to become the ”best seller author”
  64. Mom forced me to be doctor, Dad wished me to be a teacher, somewhere between this fight, the aspiring musician died
  65. My dad is a superhero said a kid of the movie director. My dad too said by the soldier’s boy, looking at the stars.
  66. I looked at my graduation album. Nostalgia rolled down my cheeks
  67. A physician never passed physics, the musician never scored good in Maths, the best seller author never understood Science. You can’t judge a student based on his scores
  68. The world has already so many critics, be an encourager
  69. Our minds are dangerous and they should be, they have ideas
  70. Promised, we break them and memories, they shatter us
  71. Dear success
    Today as the whole globe celebrates this legend, don’t forget the days we spend together
    Sincerely, your past mistakes
  72. Reading these stories won’t give you good grades. Prohibited to read, she began to write
  73. I have seen sunsets even in my darkest days
  74. I have lost my way to you but I found a way back to me
  75. When sincere people give you advice, there are talking to themselves in the past
  76. but how can you die, when the writer is in love with you
  77. Pain shapes people into warriors
  78. There are no genders in careers
  79. You don’t get positive vibes for the positive things you do in the beginning
  80. but Alice has to fall before she went on a journey to the wonderland
  81. but I am my other half as well
  82. Look at the challenge with eye and give it wink
  83. They fear the fire, We become the fire
  84. Age never holds you, beliefs do
  85. A photographer freezes the time but a writer brings back the time
  86. I know that beneath that rubble, there is a heartbeat
  87. These little wings, need time to grow

😊 Happy Instagram Captions

There is nothing wrong, telling your world that you are happy. Happiness is meant to be shared and spread. A few months back I searched for Instagram captions of girls related to happiness but I couldn’t find the ones I love so I thought to write more happy captions here.

  1. Not even the poets can measure the heaviness of happiness
  2. My skin is my home, a place of happiness
  3. You are a perfect mess, filled with imperfections, chaos from which storms are afraid off
  4. One day I hope, maybe in the future, I mesmerized these happy moments and smile
  5. How can you be happy, if you never let go of the past
  6. Wear happiness in such a way that not even they can snatch it
  7. You want to be wise? Find ways to be happy
  8. Being happy is my favorite season
  9. When you reach your goal, Happiness begins
  10. Happy people are the prettiest
  11. Be happy and make them regret losing you
  12. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for Happiness
  13. It costs 0$ to transfer your smile
  14. Trust me when I say that smiling is a therapy
  15. If you love yourself, its a first ladder towards happiness
  16. How can you ever love someone with all your heart when you feel nothing like that for yourself
  17. Start each day with a smile
  18. Where ever you go, happiness follows you
  19. Do you know what is the purpose of this life? Be happy
  20. My new year resolution will be to smile more and be happy
  21. Throw happiness like confetti
  22. Stay near to those, who feel like sunlight
  23. Let’s be happy again
  24. Live for those moments that cant be described with words
  25. Let’s be a happier version of our self
  26. Let them see your smile

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Captions for Family Photos

A lot of us take our family members for granted. If I am alive today it’s because of them. Life is nothing without your parents and siblings. At least every day, take your time out and appreciate them. Dear ladies, if you want Instagram caption for girls when it comes to family. Here are few.

  1. but its a sin, to be ignorant of my love to you
  2. How different this world would be? family-supporting like friends and friends supporting like family.
  3. My mom is a place where the broken pieces of my heart came together
  4. My mom is my therapy
  5. My dad is the light, even in my darkest days
  6. It doesn’t matter how aged you are, you always need your parents
  7. Moms are the gifted angel from heavens
  8. Life doesn’t come with the ATM card, it comes with the dad
  9. Even the MOM title is better than the title of Queen
  10. My mom is always proud of me, not because I am a successful person but because I am her daughter
  11. Who needs a friend when you have a mother
  12. Even if I am old with grey hair, he will still be my little brother
  13. My dad is worth my all friends
  14. If I would pick the worlds best family, I would pick you
  15. Who needs a superhero when you have a dad
  16. I don’t hit my sister, we do face high-five
  17. Sisters double the joy
  18. You make my soul smile
  19. We are different flavors yet we go together with harmony
  20. Family dinner is like a date with the family
  21. They light every inch of my soul
  22. your words heal my soul
  23. Hey, dad, who will do this I asked. My dad held me in front of the mirror
  24. No medicine was able to reduce the fever but the mom’s hand did
  25. My dad didn’t carry me in his womb but he carries me in his heart
  26. Toys or icecream said the dad. You, replied the daughter
  27. Brothers are like, irritate her as much as possible but don’t allow anyone else for that
  28. My parents made me a scientist. Little did they know I like Jane Auston more than the Einstein

🌮 Girl Loves Food? Best Instagram Captions for Food

I love food. I mean who doesn’t. Food gives you life and nourishes your body. I have listed some funny Instagram captions for girls who adore food.

  1. I think I am in love with my calories intake
  2. who need guys when you have fries
  3. I am a sweet-holic and a fast food-holic
  4. Do you want my relationship status? It’s with food
  5. I ate donuts without sprinkles… Diets are so hard
  6. My favorite season, flavor and color is food
  7. I won’t be impressed by technology unless it can download a zinger burger for me
  8. More cheese is always less cheese
  9. Find food in every stress situation
  10. I followed my desires and they led me to the bakery
  11. I am a second-hand vegetarian. I eat mutton raised on vegetarian feed
  12. My tummy is filled with food my intentions are not
  13. Bonds are formed where ever food is served
  14. When there is a magic between Pepsi and a burger, life happens
  15. Food partners are the best partners
  16. what is a Desert, a therapy session needed for the stressful situation
  17. I have never met a food I didn’t like
  18. Wanna know my favorite meal, its breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, lupper, and supper
  19. I want food, not your opinion
  20. There is no us in pizza
  21. A balanced diet means cake slices in each hand
  22. I am not fat, its accumulation of awesomeness inside me
  23. Kids are fun, imagine fighting with your mini duplicate versions
  24. Autocorrect can straight go to he’ll
  25. The sadness disappear with desserts
  26. Vanilla is always the answer
  27. Only an idiot will argue with the Chefs
  28. I need a man who looks me the same way as I look at the pasta
  29. I am one of those girls, who are standing in front of salad wishing it to be cake
  30. I burned 3000 calories as I burned my fudge cake
  31. Helping my daughter find the chocolate which I ate yesterday
  32. I put doughnuts in the microwave and instantly went back in time
  33. We are more of a pizzaholic
  34. Chai (noun)
    Adults Oxygen
  35. Chai (noun)
    Medicine for a cranky morning
  36. A girl makes a man millionaire, only if he is a billionaire
  37. Want a committed man? Try mental hospital
  38. I am looking for a bank that can do two things, give me a loan and then leave me alone
  39. I don’t do mistake once, I do it more than once … just to be sure
  40. If I ever have a girlfriend, the only people she is allowed to talk to is the father, son and holy spirit

🌲 Express for Nature with these Girlish Quotes

The way nature looks and sounds is just inspiring awe. Nobody can outmatch the beauty of nature. I say to my friends, if you are sad then nature therapy is the best therapy. Here are the Instagram caption for girls who find magic in the nature around us.

  1. In nature, I go and in nature I find happiness
  2. Its a therapy, listening to the wind whispering, the splashes of the cascade, the sound of trees, the smell of wood
  3. Nature has its own way of speaking, ”We are God’s voice”
  4. How perfection is this beauty, created with so divinity
  5. Slow down, take a fresh breath and enjoy this enchanted moment
  6. Nature always wears the smile and spread it
  7. Nature is the only place where I want to be lost
  8. If nature is beautiful to you, then you shall find it everywhere
  9. The vibes of this beauty are so contiguous
  10. The waterfall is calling so I must climb towards it
  11. Nature activates my happiness glands
  12. Nothing is more treasurer and richer than enjoying this nature
  13. The poetry written in the honor of nature is never diminished
  14. There is no heaven on Earth but still, a reflection of it persists here
  15. Kids can feel magic as they appreciate every small thing
  16. Adventure is here, why are we sleeping
  17. One can always find God in this nature
  18. Getting closing to nature is getting closer to God
  19. Even poets cant describe perfectly how flawless is this beauty
  20. Let the water pours your dry leaves, the sunshine through your happiness and the breeze through your soul
  21. I whistle in wind breeze, Speak to the ocean, Cry in the star’s light, with a hope that these whispers search you
  22. The dark sky teaches the importance of starts
  23. Why would you wish upon those shooting stars? when you can wish upon the ONE who created them
  24. May these wonderful flowers remind you, how mandatory is the rain

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Instagram Captions for Girls, Purely

The Instagram captions for girls can be funny, emotional and empowering. It depends on your mood when it comes to selection. Here are the Instagram caption for girls who are looking for hope and strength.

  1. You are a true queen if you correct the crown on someone’s head rather than letting it fall
  2. Real queen don’t wear heels, they were joggers
  3. I need to save my king, he must be stuck somewhere fighting dragons
  4. I wanted to be King, but I was forced to be queen
  5. Be the CEO you always dream off
  6. Real girls chase goals not golds
  7. I don’t need any guy’s world, I have made my own
  8. Girls can turn pain into power
  9. Be a girl, who can lift her suitcase alone
  10. What is the queen without a king? Strong and independent
  11. I am a rare breed alpha woman
  12. Tell the lions, I am home
  13. Crown is made for Disney princes, we are warrior Queens
  14. I don’t want to be a queen but a warrior
  15. She danced in the storm, didn’t disappear in the dark, knowing it will end
  16. She is the place where you can drown in her depth
  17. If you let yourself, you can unhide the galaxies inside you
  18. The stars belong to the people like you
  19. She tastes like stars
  20. Your beauty has never been manufactured, while there concept is
  21. Don’t settle for less, you were born with the fire inside you
  22. She has the fower’s delicacy but isn’t afraid to show her thorns
  23. We are the women who can be kings too
  24. Why would you search for the paradise when heavens lie within you
  25. There is calmness in her fire
  26. She is proud to burn the bridges of love that you made for her
  27. Pick a sword and armor, girl, You alone need to face that dragon
  28. She burned in the fire but rose from ashes
  29. Let her be free, let her live in wild
  30. Walk away girl, when they refuse to touch your thorns
  31. She didn’t own the world, she owned the galaxies
  32. The world smiles when she does
  33. She is a burning fire, you’ll burn if you play around
  34. She was born with the fire and I was merely a paper
  35. She wore her scars like diamonds
  36. She tastes bitter and strong and has the touch of the warmth
  37. She wants to be the CEO instead of Mrs.
  38. Alcohol was the only way they escaped while books were the one, that made her escape
  39. My daughter is a liability, said a mother who wanted a son. 30 years later, the little girl took all of their responsibility
  40. Alpha girls never run in a pack
  41. He didn’t marry her because she couldn’t afford the dowry. Years later she didn’t take a penny for his son’s brain surgery
  42. For her, partially completing the book was her incomplete love affair
  43. The driver horned at her and said women can’t drive  she smiled, while grasping her pilot cap from the back seat of her car, near the airport
  44. Every mocked at her roti and asked Which country map is this. She said The one I am going while staring at her admission letter
  45. She spent an eternity looking for someone similar to her. Not knowing that there is someone who stares back from the mirror
  46. Her dad scolded her when she scribbled on the wall. Years later her dad was proud of her famous painting
  47. She is bulletproof
  48. She wore her scars… just like a loaded gun
  49. She wore the moonlight as if she was wearing a lingerie
  50. I appreciated the world through her eyes
  51. She was never shattered to me, she was a mosaic
  52. She is just the right amount of beauty and beast
  53. Women were taught to speak softly, look delicately. These days are over
  54. Be the woman you wanted to idolize as a girl
  55. Cheers to the strong women. May we be with them, may we become them and may we raise them
  56. Women are the important species of this plant. Take care of them, otherwise, you will be extinct

👦 Instagram Captions for Boys

There are so many Instagram captions for girls but not many for boys. Boys also want to express their feelings through words.

  1. Same trash different boys
  2. Perfect men only exist in Disney movies
  3. I am my daddy’s boy
  4. This black never runs out of the style
  5. I know I am Handsome, no ifs and but
  6. One boy, infinite feelings
  7. What is more complicated than life, Boys
  8. Some boys don’t deserve attention
  9. She broke my heart, I broke my iPhone, Now you can imagine who cried more
  10. All the stars combined, yet they cant outmatch his shine
  11. 16th time, he got rejected as a writer. When he walked inside the library, JK rowling and Shakespear gave him hope
  12. Be the man, you wished to idolize as a boy

😑 Fed up? Try these

There should be Instagram captions for girls because sometimes we are fed up with friendships, relationships and life.  It’s okay to take a break and take a deep breath. Moving on is a slow process but it’s worth it.

  1. Even this innocent soul has its limit
  2. I am reaching a point where I don’t care what life does to me
  3. My soul bleeds and my heart screams
  4. This heart, that has been broken continuously is no place for invitation or opportunity
  5. healing hurts more than breaking
  6. I gave you my heart but I was blind to see you shattering it
  7. I am tired of pretending to be happy, faking a smile and telling I am OK
  8. I am sorry for falling for you and then shattering myself
  9. I have enough of feeling this way
  10. You threw me into the darkness, where I was afraid to go
  11. We scream silently in pain
  12. but it costs so much to love you
  13. I am near you yet you are far away
  14. We both loved. I loved her and she loved someone else
  15. This soul needs to escape
  16. I am strong but exhausted internally

🤣 Funny Instagram Captions for Girls

Some people consider this life as comedy and enjoy each moment of it. I love such people. They know how to make their life fun. Here are some sarcastic funny Instagram captions for girls.

  1. I wish I was born in 1950 when I didn’t exist
  2. I know I am lying on my couch doing nothing but at the genetic level, I am doing wonders
  3. I drive way to fast to worry about my cholesterol
  4. Let’s watch dinosaurs movies on your birthday, that will make you feel less old
  5. Yesterday I started a vegetable diet and I choked on my radish. The cake never does to me
  6. When the highlighter on your face is brighter than my future
  7. May your enemies rub their eyes, forgetting they have mascara
  8. Your ketchup to my sushi, curry to my Lasgania, lemon to my apple and fork to my soup… in short words you are useless
  9. My dog used to lick my keyboard every time and earned a certified diploma online
  10. Silence is really an amazing tool unless your kids are silent
  11. Dear Abs! one I will expose you to the world
  12. The only clubs I love are the clubs sandwiches
  13. True love is when love opens towards the bakery
  14. I had a romantic candlelight dinner at my place. I really enjoyed eating the food of 2 people alone
  15. I am a snacks-holic person and snack-ccident made me gain weight
  16. I am becoming a man that I wanted to marry
  17. Cheers to those guys, we can’t have
  18. We are slowly becoming the men that we wanted to marry
  19. I don’t know which  is more vacant, my wallet or my romantic love life
  20. I asked God to remove negative people from my life and I almost died
  21. In elementary school I was single, In high school I was singler and in future, I might be singlest
  22. I will get over this pain, I know but let me be dramatic first
  23. You will be perfectly fine, you know why? because you came from the strong lunatic line
  24. I am a model, a victoria secret model, and this is such a secret that not even Victoria knows
  25. I am aware of the fact that I am good looking
  26. You know what would be epic, me finding myself a male version
  27. I don’t sweat, I shine
  28. Dear password, we are in the same boat even I am insecure too
  29. You are a ghost in meat and skeleton made up of stardust, What are you afraid off
  30. I shouldn’t be afraid of exams, Exam should be afraid of me
  31. I am so scared, me and my friend left the paper blank and now the teacher will think that we cheated
  32. Hey calm down, someone cares… not me but someone else
  33. I finished my 2 weeks diet in just 4 hours, 12 minutes and 50 seconds
  34. Stealing from one author is plagiarism but stealing for many, is research
  35. Guys never kill people, Father with pretty daughters does
  36. My dentist said that I need a crown and I am like  I know right!
  37. Save this world, Its the only place with food
  38. We don’t dress up for the boys, we dress up to see our beautiful reflection as we walk by windows store

👩‍🏫 Instagram Captions for Teachers/Mentors

Teachers are the pillar of our society. They give us a lot more than we can return them and a lot of times, we forget to appreciate them. Below are the Instagram captions for girls who want to express the importance of having a mentor in their life.

  1. Sciences, Maths, Physics and many other subjects…. united by teachers red ink
  2. The day you entered my class, I was proud to call you my teacher
  3. Scientists did innovations
    Doctors cured patients
    Leaders led the country
    Teachers made them all
  4. Decades later we bumped. She said my name and I said Yes mam. Nostalgia was taken over by my instincts
  5. I cried as I was punished to stand outside of the classroom. Those hands that held my ears, wiped my tears
  6. Why dictionary call them Teachers when there is the better word educational rockstar
  7. Honestly, I can’t differentiate between a treasure and a teacher

Why Instagram caption matters.

What to take care of while writing a captions/ How to make Instagram captions better/ adding value to your captions/ captions that drive engagement

  1. Decide what Instagram caption will convey.
  2. Make first line attractive/ First line must contain the key information or message/ make your first line stand out/ Story Telling or Campaign/ purposeful statement.
  3. Asking simple Questions/ pose a question to get more traffic.
  4. Using emoji relevant to post or mood or branding
  5. Including relevant Hashtags
  6. Using Instagram handler in captions
  7. Adding clickable link
  8. Adding a strong call-to-action statement for increased public engagement

What is Captioning? / Why the Importance of Captions is growing fast?

They say “every picture has a story to tell” or “A picture paints a thousand words”, but sometimes it needs a few words to tie the story to the photograph. A caption is a brief explanatory text accompanying an illustration to amplify its effect. A well-written caption successfully snatches the attention and forces the viewer to follow, engaging with your post and visit user profile.

Great use of caption is to put important information from your photo or the story behind into them. A caption can draw attention to an important aspect of your photograph or the story it is trying to tell. A caption can make-or-break your post.

A good Instagram caption connects the user to your story via the photograph, impels the user to take action, and increases the interest of follower in your profile and makes it shareable and the viewer spends reading your caption. A well-written caption can truly give a voice to that pictorial content. It makes them look in for the full description or more information.

The visibility of your posts in your followers feeds depend on the number of Likes and comments a post has and also on some other factors. Thus, Captions can be a dominant tool that can be used to get more and more traffic, comments and likes. And, if a post is super-engaging it can encourage visits to your website you are promoting your brand.

Even though you would like your audience to read your story from top to bottom, but is hardly the case.

However, this is only true if your photo draws the attention of the viewer to the subject behind the photo. In this sense, a caption can be thought of as a composition tool.

By adding some scannable bits and pieces in your caption can make it easier to read and digest information fully. This is why the caption needs to have a unique style. These items determine the praiseworthiness of your content. Writing good Instagram captions can derive most-engagement to your posts and may also tempt other users to follow your profile.

What to take care of while writing a captions/ How to make Instagram captions better/ adding value to your captions/ captions that drive engagement. How to craft an Instagram caption.

An effective written caption is an art-form itself. Limited space to get followers most-attention. Captions give you the ability to engage with the audience. Tou can ask a question, start debates and offer chances to win prizes if people like and follow your page.

Importance of user engagement?

Decide what Instagram caption will convey/ Make first line attractive/ First line must contain the key information or message/ make your first line stand out.

A good Instagram caption stop your followers from scrolling to the next picture. The first line of caption must mention important facts that can compel the user/reader to read more.

The trick is to make sure that the first line delivers the punchy, attention-grabbing element of your story so that the reader cannot hold them back from clicking “more”.

Making the first line of your caption alluring is the surest way to boost up engagement.

The longer the user spends time on your posts reading the caption, the higher it will be ranked by Instagram Algorithm.

For brands endorsers and Instagram influencers’ lengthy captions provide huge opportunity to make a stronger relationship with your followers or audience or viewers and this can in return encourages brand loyalty. Tell the followers how and why your post impacts your audience or any other context that relates to your followers.

Story Telling or Campaign/ purposeful statement. Length of a caption/ dividing it into paragraphs

Captions provide context to the image or video and inspire them to take some action. In case, you are endorsing your personal brand or it is important you build a relationship with your authenticity with your audiences and by telling a story about your brand in the caption you can connect with readers. This can include a brief history of your brand, product, or some champion-story about your struggle. Giving tips or advice.

While writing long captions formatting should be taken extra care of. The focus should be on quality, not quantity. A huge block of text is tiring to read and most probably, because of small font-size in mobile phones the reader is most likely to get lost.

Striking initial of each block can be captivating. Using line breaks, symbols for bullets, special characters, emojis like punctuation can be the best option to include. This structure would make the user read full description or the story. While attempting to add spacing between paragraphs but after uploading the post to Instagram, they find that all of their formattings are lost. This happens because Instagram by default removes any spacing or emojis from the end of a paragraph, instead, you can use a simple “.” to create spaces between paragraphs.

Asking simple Questions/ pose a question to get more traffic/ Spark a debate

To spark the interest of reader you tease the curiosity by asking a simple question and wanting them to comment share their own experiences, or by starting a debate in relevance to the post and asking viewers opinions in the comment section.

Responses from followers can help your draw different ideas for your next post and also give an insight of your followers’ interest, this may help you in getting more reach and engaged-followers in your future post. Try to respond to as many comments as you can so it may seem more like a delighted conversation but user and follower.

Using emoji relevant to post or mood or branding

Everyone loves an emoji! Emojis, the cartoon-like emoticons animate your captions available to most smartphone users, can add some personality and fun to the caption. These can help your captions to stand out by adding visual interest. It will make your caption more inviting to your followers for Call-to-Action.

There are a lot of different ways to use emojis in your posts. You can use emojis as bullets or inside text as punctuation marks. Chooses emojis that are directly relevant to the post or the brand. Sprinkling random emojis into your Instagram caption may break up the text, misguide the followers.

Including relevant Hashtags

Hashtags act like keywords. Hashtags increase the reach and attract new followers. Hashtags can bring your post in Instagram trends, so make sure to use proper hashtags. It ties the conversations of different and unconnected users into one stream be it brand, event. They not only add pleasure and fun to the post but also adds a great value to it.

A pro tip is to use most popular, searchable but relevant hashtags in fact, posts with many hashtags revive less engagement, reach, likes and comments than the with few but relevant ones. Stick to hashtags that are either relevant to the post, brand or mixture of popular and specialized hashtags. Use your hashtags at the end of the caption, and reserve the first line for the catchy starter. Also, avoid using the same hashtags in every post even if the theme is the same. This can limit to post to the only same audience.

Fact: Instagram suggests most popular and searched hashtags when you type # followed by a single alphabet or letter or by an incomplete search and also gives the number of posts that have used that particular hashtag.

Adding a strong call-to-action statement for increased public engagement

To get more engagement and reach on Instagram posts you should get in direct interaction with your followers in the form of caption and comments.  The user might like, comment, ask a question, tag their friends to view your content or even share your post. An effective call-to-action (CTA) is one of the best ways to inspire your followers to like and comment on your posts.

Here are some simple ways that can drive more engagement by adding a call-to-action.

  • Invite your audience to comment or like a post.
  • Ask people about their personal opinion on your post.
  • Add Instagram captions like “double tap if you agree”.
  • Ask a personal question to encourage more comments on your post.
  • Another great call-to-action is to ask your followers to tag their friends in the comment section of your post.  By saying “Tag a friend who needs to hear this!”, or “Tag someone that would wear this!”.
  • Reply to all or as many comments as you can by @ tagging them.
  • Create a custom font. You can do this by pasting your call-to-action into a custom font tool, like Canva, Typorama, or Font Candy to generate a whole range of fonts that you can simply copy and paste into your caption.
  • Use eye-catching emojis, capital letters, or symbols to make your call-to-actions extra visible!
  • Spark their interest with some hard-hitting stats
  • Pique their passion with a disruptive statement
  • Trigger an emotional response with a compelling narrative
  • Share an exclusive offer that they can’t pass up.
  • Encourage users to share your content with their Instagram stories.

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