Immunity Boosters Foods and Drinks – COVID19 Pandemic Special

Immunity booster foods and drinks


Coronavirus is almost everywhere and is easily spread from one person to another if precautions are not taken. Now many of the countries are lockdown. Food places and restaurants are shut down. People are ordered to lock themselves at their homes.

Till now, no vaccines have been made that can eradicate COVID 19 completely. So we need to make sure that we take care of our immune system. Today, here I will cover immunity boosters foods and drinks that you can consume to boost your immunity.

List of Immunity Boosters Foods and Drinks

I will cover the healthy food and drinks that you can use to boost your immunity. You can easily have access to the raw food and then you make many of the immune boosters from them.

Sunflower seeds a source of food for an immune booster

Sunflower seeds are highly nutritious. They have magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin B-6. They also have great concentration vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants skill the free radicals that are generated in your body.

  • High in vitamin E and selenium
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids
  • Reduce internal inflammation

Vitamin E is important is an important immune booster. These vitamins not only regulate but also maintain immune system function. Certain researches are being done on vitamin E by scientists and they discovered that this immune supporter prevents atherosclerotic plaque.

Spinach an Efficient Immune Booster

Spinach is on the top of my list not because it has vitamin C. It’s is highly concentrated with many antioxidants and beta carotene. These immune boosters strengthen our immune system against infectious organisms. The antioxidants also protect the enzymes that repair DNA damage.

  • Important for bone health due to vitamin K
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Gives good health to your skin
  • Combat different diseases

Just like many healthy vegetables, Spinich is healthy when it is cooked less so that nutrients don’t get denature. Moreover, if it is cooked less, this enhances vitamin A and make oxalic acid to release more nutrients.

Broccoli a Healthy Vegetable

Now fill your food tables with Broccoli that is supercharged with minerals and vitamins. The nutritious food is filled with vitamins A, C, and E, and as well as fiber. It also has numerous lutein and sulforaphane which are super anti-oxidants.

  • Build up collagen in the body
  • helps in the formation of bones and tissues
  • Protects the body from damaging free radicals
  • Vitamin C helps in iron absorption

This is one of the immune boosters that you can feed your kids. It’s better if you cook less or don’t cook at all, to retain the nutrients. The nutritional profile of this immune booster is pretty amazing. It can protect you from a lot of diseases like diabetes, cancer, Cholesterol, etc and also give good health to your heart.

Green tea a Recommended Immune Booster

Immune booster drink

There so much diversity, when it comes to green tea. People have to consume it for different beneficial properties. Green Teas are rich in many antioxidants e.g. Polyphenols. These immune boosters fight different infection fighters.

  • Enhances our body’s metabolism
  • Good for gut health
  • Good for skincare routine
  • Lower the risk of some cancer

They protect the body against many dangerous viruses, infections and as well as sickness. Consuming drinks like these stimulates your metabolism, reduces your cholesterol and prevent cancer. However, these are the less than 1% of benefits that I have covered but do incorporate this into your diet.

Poultry a nutritious immune booster

My mom always makes me chicken soup when I am sick and I am pretty sure that your mom does that too. I also love chicken soap. She also pours some amount of chicken broth while cooking different foods. This is really healthy food to consume and a proven immune booster.

  • Best source of protein intake
  • Best way to heal damaged muscles
  • Good source of essential vitamins
  • tryptophan and vitamin B5 in them reduces stress

Turkey and chicken have vitamin B6. 3 ounces of turkey or delicious chicken meat fulfills your 50-60% of vitamin B6 daily. This is the recommended amount. Consuming these amazing and palatable food improves your gut health and repairs your muscles tissues.

Turmeric, Secret Ingredient of Healthy Food

Tumeric is my childhood best friend. I have been through health journey including my skincare routine. Thanks to this brown powder, I had goodbyes to acne,  skin redness and other skin issues. Now add this immune booster in your diet routine.

  • Can relieve pain
  • Improves liver function
  • aids in digestion
  • Fight a wide spectrum of diseases

There has been research that consuming turmeric while experiencing your hectic gym routine, repairs damaged muscles. Moreover, it is an effective medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis and as well as osteoarthritis. If you eat home-made food for your immune system, then add Tumeric.

Yogurt, delicious Immune Booster

Yogurt is really a healthy source of food because it is filled with probiotics. I have been through a lot of diet routine and yogurt was always in. Even now, Whenever I make snacks, I put many fruits and oats in low-fat yogurt. I also make smoothies by adding different fruits in yogurt and blending it.

  • Gut-associated immune response
  • Good source for calcium
  • Good for your muscles and bones
  • Enhance immunity in the respiratory tract

Eating healthy yogurt repairs your damaged cells indirectly and hydrates your body. Yogurt has also reduced sun burning spots and acne issues. It is an amazing immune booster. After consuming this healthy product, you don’t need to worry about your immunity.

Yummy Fish meat for your immunity

If you are on diet and do heavy gym and you want to consume food with low fat but high protein. Then it is must for you to incorporate this delicious juicy cooked fish. Our body doesn’t produce omega-3 fatty acids, so we need to take it from food sources.

  • Improve the function of brain and heart
  • Development of vision and nerves in a fetus
  • Prevent brain diseases and diabetes
  • Reduce the arthritis risk

Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the risk of many brain diseases e.g. ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and etc. Moreover, COnsuming fish meat also decreases the risk of high blood pressure heart rhythms and strokes. In short words, it’s my favorite immune booster.

Nuts: Clinically proven to be an immune booster

Nuts are rich in zinc, vitamin B and iron which are clinically proven to enhance your immune system. Zinc enhances the production of your white blood cells. These white blood cells are the soldiers inside your body, killing any foreign bacteria that go inside.

  • Helps in the formation of Red blood cells
  • Prevent osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease
  • Low carb diet
  • Prevent Migraines and high blood pressure

Nuts are amazing sources of many vitamins and minerals. Try not to consume just same nuts but incorporate your diet with different yummy delicious nuts. Let me give you a few examples, Brazil nuts are rich sources of selenium, while sesame seeds and almonds are filled with vitamin E.

Garlic: doctors recommended healthy food

Garlic has always been used in the food in the past, not for its benefits but for the tastes it provides to the food. However, many researches have been done on the garlic benefits and they all are surprising.

  • Potent medicinal properties
  • Fewer calories but high nutrients
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Rich in antioxidants

Garlic is a great way to improve your immune system. It not only decreases the chances of lower blood pressure but also slows down the hardening of the arteries. In short words, Garlic prevents many heart diseases.

Red bell peppers

If you really consider that citrus fruits are very much healthy due to vitamin C. Then you need to think again because this healthy food has double the vitamin C than those juicy fruits. They are also a rich source of beta carotene.

  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce sun sensitivity
  • Improve lung health
  • Prevent macular degeneration and cancer

Beta carotene is not only our immune boosters but also a precursor of vitamin A. We need them for your healthy skin and mucus membranes. You also need this carotene to keep your eyesight sharp.

Onions come in the healthy food category

Is the salad bowl complete, when it has no antioxidants cancer-preventing onions? These nutritious onions not only add taste to your food but they do much more than that to our immune system. Do you know that you can prevent or cure the cough and common cold with the onion juice.

  • Immune-boosting nutrients
  • Prevent kidney stones formation
  • Regulate fluid balances & support immune system
  • Regulate nerve signals

Thes low calories onions do so much to your body. They also have some concentration of calcium, folate, magnesium, iron, potassium,  phosphorus, and the antioxidants quercetin and sulfur. They maintain your heart health and antibacterial effect against different microorganisms.

Cauliflower for your  immune system

I know raw cauliflower or its steamed version isn’t delicious but trust me it does wonders to your immune system. You need to add its amount in your salad bowl cuz what I am about to tell you will amaze you.

  • Reduces internal inflammation
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

Cauliflower is filled with fiber and water. Both of them are important for lowering the risk of colon cancer, prevent constipation and boost gut immunity. They also enhance weight loss for diabetes and reduces reproductive cancer.

Healthy Citrus Fruits

There are many reasons that you should consume citrus fruits or juices. They are rich in plant compounds and vitamin C with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. They heal the body from inside.

  • Immune boosters for heart health
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Increases good cholesterol
  • Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

They are less in calories and rich in fibers, helping in digestion and aiding in weight loss. These juicy fruits, aids in kidney immunity by preventing the formation of kidney stones. One of the research showed people drinking citrus juice are less exposed to lung cancer.

Dates are Magical Immune Boosters

I have seen many people ignoring this from their daily diet routine. Even I forget it too but You should at least eat 1-2 every day. They satisfy my sugar craving whenever I am on a diet recommended by dietician and nutritionist.

  • Better memory learning
  • Maintains bone mass
  • Eradicate free radicals
  • Repairs brain cells

Dates have a low glycemic impact. They help individuals with type-2 diabetes regulating sugar and fat level in the blood. These juicy healthy immune boosters are filled with magnesium. It dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

Nutritious Apples Immune Boosters

Just like other moms, my mom always said an apple a day keeps a doctor away. I never knew until now that she was very right. If you eat an apple before a proper feel, you will notice that apple enhances the digestion. These are healthy for your body organs

  • Promote probiotic effects
  • Lower the risk of cancers
  • Protects lungs from oxidative damage
  • Promote bone density

The soluble fibers in the lower blood cholesterol levels. Their peel are rich in polyphenols which are antioxidants. Juicy apples also have Flavonoids, preventing heart diseases. Don’t forget to eat these immune boosters daily.

Bananas are healthy food

Just eating one banana gives you 13% of your daily manganese needs. Magnesium stimulates the protection of collagen and protects your skin from free radicals. This fruit maintains your heart healthy by regulating the blood pressure.

  • Produces red blood cells
  • Remove toxic chemicals from your kidneys and liver
  • Maintains your healthy nervous system
  • Protects your body from tissue damage

My doctor always recommends eating bananas to those people who have gastrointestinal issues. This will eliminate constipation, heartburn and stomach ulcers. Plus this immune booster is also your energy booster. Moreover, bananas are filled with vitamin B6.

High-Quality Honey Immune Booster

Honey a liquid immune booster

It’s a true saying that if bees disappear from this world, we will become extinct. High-quality honey is rich in organic acids and phenolic compounds. They all combine to make this delicious honey as superantioxidants.

  • Reduce heart attack rate
  • Reduces the chances of stroke
  • Lowers bad cholesterol in the blood
  • Dilates arteries and increase blood flow

It’s better to consume honey rather than refine sugar. It can also lead to modest body weight loss. Moreover, taking few spoons per day can reduce the coughing and itchiness in the throat. This product is medicinal to me. Do not forget how healthy this is.


Babies gain immunity from milk before even consuming solid food. Now you know how much nutritious milk can be. Drinking milk can decrease the chances of dying by reducing the rate of heart diseases. Drinking milk is linked with lower blood pressure according to some research.

  • Improves heart health
  • Good source of antibiotics
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • prevents many cancers

It contains all 9 of the essential amino acids means it is filled with complete proteins. It provides energy to the body and prevents muscle loss. This immune booster has different types. It also comes in a vegan version.

Spices are yummy immune boosters

There are healthy spices too that can be used in your food. Spices are not used as tasters but also as immune boosters. There are varieties in them e.g Tumeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and etc. They are strong healers and repair damaged cells in the body.

  • Repair damaged tissues
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Protection against toxicity chemicals
  • Regulate appetite and digestive functions

They fight off infections and prepare your body to fight any foreign pathogens. Some of them e.g. cinnamons have antidiabetic effects and regulate your heart health. If you ever read about ancient civilization’s lifestyle. They consumed these spices for medicinal properties.

Guideline to boost your immunity

There is more than consuming healthy food. You need to follow or incorporate certain healthy routine on a regular basis. I will share with you a few of them.


You need to complete the daily hours of your sleep based on your hectic routine. If you have an excessive hectic routine, then you should sleep more.

You cant expect your immune system to work properly, without sleeping properly. When you sleep, your body repairs its cells including immune cells. This will make them pathogens more efficiently.


Since Coronavirus is everywhere, so you cant go to the gym or exercise outside. Why not inside. DO your favorite exercise at home. You don’t need any sort of gym equipment for it. Just open youtube and have fun with your workout.

Doing exercise enhances your immune systems and increases your gut activity. Regular exercises are also known as immune-regulators as they reset the immune system. This reduces the chances of getting flu or sore throat.

Healthy juices

Drink alot of water or fresh juices. This will keep you hydrated and increase your body metabolism. If you are a vegan person, then you would love these vegetable juices. Drinking different vegetable juices can only give you benefits.

Even the fresh juices are healthy and are immune boosters. They can give you all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. Drinking such juices also makes your skin glow and give you a clear bright complexion.

Have fun

Yes, you do need to take responsibility in your life but don’t stress out over it. Your body’s immune system can’t work properly if you are stress, isolated, sad or depressed. You can talk to your friend, psychologist or therapist and vent yourself.

Live your life. If you are going through something then just tell yourself that this time shall pass as well. Talk to your family and play games with them. Read a lot and watch your favorite movies. Your life is precious, don’t let anyone take away that from you.

Laugh a lot

I try to spend time with those people, who are funny and relax in every stressed situation. Laughing makes you experience your life.

It releases hormones that make you less stressed. Spend time with your favorite people, talk to them, joke with them and confess them about their importance in your life. When you laugh, you carb stress hormones. This will help your white blood cells to become active and kill pathogens.


You see nature has given you economical and inexpensive ways to improve your immunity. You don’t need to work hard for your immunity. If you don’t like vegetables, you can go for other sources of food for your immunity.

If you love vegetables, you can easily get them from a grocery store as they have a lot of health benefits. You can cook them the way you want or make your favorite delicious nutritious juices.

Many of the fruits and vegetables have low prices so you can fill your kitchen storage section with them. Now I am not saying that you can’t have desserts. Trust me I don get desserts then I would kill myself. You can fulfill your carb craving but avoid it daily.

If you are taking your immune boosters, surrounding your self with positive and happy people, taking care of yourself and exercising, then you don’t need to worry about coronavirus or any other pathogens.



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