Life Skills Learnt in Molecular Biology Lab

Since the very beginning of my work in a Biotechnology lab, there is always something new to learn and improve. Skills learnt are not only useful in doing your lab things but sometimes also helps you with household chores.

I didn’t know when I become a good gardener while growing maize in the field for RNA Extraction and become a good dishwasher while washing my agar plates used for bacterial growth.

Yesterday I came across a beautiful thread on Microblogging website Twitter where Dr. Shaun O’Boyle started a discussion about Life-Ready skills learnt in the molecular lab.

Unscrew the Cap Using One Hand

Bottle opening by

Few minutes, the discussion was joined by scores of other researchers and scientists all around the started sharing their life-easing experiences learnt in the lab.

“Time Mastering”

This is what Dr. Kathryn Jones, a neuroscientist contributed to this thread which is undoubtedly correct.

Do it

5 minutes are enough for me to grab a cup of green tea downstairs.

No Disrespect to Wine by Poor Pouring

Wine Pouring

Be the part of this wonderful discussion and tell us what you learn from your experience of molecular biology lab besides referring recipes as “protocols” in the kitchen.

Feel Free to comment below.

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