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Python is an object oriented programming (OOP) language. You can almost do anything with It just like any other programming language. It is recommended for beginners to start their programming careers by learning this language because

  • It’s a high level language with a clean readable syntax
  • It has a huge community support
  • A lot of resources are available to learn It
  • It’s easier as compared to some other languages

There are a lot of great resources present on the web to learn It but finding those great resources can be a hassle. In this post we’ll include all the places which we think are best to learn python, either they are in the form of video tutorials, books, or websites.

One thing to note is that you’ll get two versions of python when searching for It. Some people prefer learning Python 2 and some prefer Python 3. We’ll suggest you to go with the latest version, Python 3. People nowadays are starting by learning the latest version and majority of the content available is also updated for Python 3. You should also go with Python 3 unless you’ve a valid reason to stay with Python 2. In-case you want to go with Python 2, we’ve included the resources for both Python versions so you can choose whatever you like but Python 2 resources would be less as compared to the later one.

Video  Tutorials

If you feel that you learn better by following someone who’s coding, then video tutorials are the preferred method for you. There are many video tutorials websites like Udemy, Lynda and even YouTube. Below are some of the courses on Python from these and other sites:

Python 3



NamePython versionPlatformSingle VideoVideo SeriesFree?
Python 3.4 Programming Tutorials by thenewboston3YouTube
Python Programming by Derek Banas3YouTube
Python 3 Basics Tutorial Series by sentdex3YouTube
Python Crash Course for Beginners by Traversy Media3YouTube
Python Programming Tutorials by The Bad Tutorials3YouTube
Python Beginner Tutorial by Chris Hawkes3YouTube
Python Tutorials by Corey Schafer3YouTube
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 33Udemy
Complete Python Masterclass3Udemy
Programming Foundations: Real-World Examples3Lynda
Learning Python3Lynda

Python 2


NamePython versionPlatformSingle VideoVideo SeriesFree?
Python 2.7 Tutorial by Derek Banas2YouTube
Python Programming Tutorials by thenewboston2YouTube


Interactive Coding Websites

Learning Python through video tutorials is not the only way. There are many websites on which you can code by following the on-screen instructions. The best thing about this way is that you’ll be running your code directly on those websites which’ll tell you whether your code is working or not. In-case your code doesn’t work, you won’t be able to move forward that topic. Below are some of the best websites for learning to code in Python interactively

Python 3


WebsitePython versionPaid/Free?
Code Avengers3 7 day free trial – Then subscription required
Treehouse37 day free trial (CC required)
DataCamp3Free Python Data Science course
Dataquest3Free Python Beginner course

Python 2

WebsitePython versionPaid/Free?
Codecademy2Free Python Course



For some people, learning from books is the best method. If you’re one of them and want to learn at your own pace, with the convenience of downloading the book in PDF and working on the lessons without going online, then you’re good to go with this method. There are a lot of books available for learning Python. We have listed a few of them which we think are best to get you started.

Book NamePython versionFree?
2 & 3
A Byte of Python3
Think Python 1e: How To Think Like a Computer Scientist2
Think Python 2e: How To Think Like a Computer Scientist3
Dive Into Python2
Dive Into Python 33



Majority of the people follow one of the above mentioned methods to learn a programming language but you should not forget that there are many websites which have published their own Python tutorials in the form of blog posts. A quick search can provide you with many Python tutorials. Google Python’s Class is an example of what we’re talking about.

Other than that, Python documentation is also written very nicely. It focuses on what’s new in a particular version along with tutorials.

We’ve tried our best to gather these methods and resources for you. In-case you are aware of any other great resource which we’re missing out, let us know through the comment section.

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